Norton Internet Security UK: Protect Your Identity with the Best

Norton is a well-known and a well-established brand that ensures full security of our computer system. It has different packages on offer at a variety of price band depending on the user choice and needs. The three choices that Norton has to offer are the: Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 – Version 2 and the Norton Antivirus. The second option – Norton 360 has added advantages of file repairs and drive defragmentation.

Symantec, the company that manufactures the Norton software, recommends to its users the first package – Norton Internet Security. It can be used up to three computers if you are using it in your home. It has antivirus along with detection of spywares, in addition to a two-way firewall, which has the power to protect unauthorized access to any potentially harmful site.

The Benefits of Norton Internet Security UK

Norton Internet Security package is also loaded with Antispam, along with Parental Control. This aids you with the features of locking the computer and also young users are unable to get access to unauthorized and unwanted sites.

This internet security package from Norton is very well compatible for all type of computer systems – Home and Premium Editions, and also Business and Ultimate Versions of Windows XP and Vista. This Symantech software is also aided with features of e-mail scanning, along with scanning of instant messengers like AOL, Yahoo!, MSN and Trillian. Also for e-mail clients that have compatibility with POP3 and SMTP support.

Many valuable phishing protections are also available in this software for our online activities, though its compatibility is limited with two browsers only – The Internet Explorer (32 bit only, and version 6 and higher) and Mozilla Firefox (from version 2 or higher). Therefore, users who use Opera or Netscape as their browser or Gtalk and Google Mail, will not be able to benefit from the feature of e-mail and instant messaging scan.

One of the main reason why many opt for this software from Norton is that it protects a person’s identity from online identity threat, by safeguarding the system from hackers and online phishing attacks.  The anti-spyware features ensure that no other harmful or malicious software can remotely install itself in any system.

Alike other internet security software, Norton from time to time has stepped up its standards of performance, along with scans and other processes with faster and more effective versions than it used to be earlier. As an added advantage, Norton chat support uk is loaded with an added advantage of e-mail and instant messaging scans for harmful viruses and spyware and provide added security for your system.

The Norton Technology

Norton’s patented technology for the detection of rootkits is something unique. Rootkits are actually devices that affects our operating systems in a way that makes malwares (malicious software) and spyware to go undetected in the system’s process and also helps in concealing these installations, so that you remain unaware of their presence.

Choosing a software like Norton Internet Security UK, is something that you should never take lightly if you are really serious about the health of your computer system. Trojans, Spywares, Viruses and advance technologies constantly being developed by hackers and other intruders are on the lookout to invade your system, SO, protect your identity, personal data, and your system today, with Norton Internet Security UK.