Are Solid State Relays the Best Option to Replace Mercury Displacement Relays?

If you work with high power electrical devices such as industrial furnaces or similar machinery, chances are that you are familiar with mercury relays, more precisely known as mercury displacement relays. These relays have been in use for ages, particularly due to the properties of mercury.

However, in recent years, mercury relays have started being phased out due to the toxicity of mercury. They are largely being replaced by solid-state relays, although there are some types of mercury relays which are still very useful and widespread.

We asked electronics experts at HBControls Inc. to explain the differences between the two. Here is what they had to say.

Why Mercury Relays Are Still Around

Mercury relays were invaluable when they were first designed a long time ago. However, they stuck around for a very long time, even when the toxic properties of mercury were made clear to the public and mercury was phased out from use in a variety of applications, as early as the 1980s.

Mercury relays, though, had one very important thing going for them – they are very durable. Even though in most applications, simple electromechanical relays can easily replace mercury ones, EMRs last only 1/10th of the duration of mercury relays.

Coupled with silent operation, it becomes clear why people prefer mercury relays. However, these do come with some downsides.

The Decline in Use of Mercury Switches

As mentioned before, mercury is highly toxic to humans, even in small doses, which is why there are strict laws regulating their use. In fact, the use of mercury relays has dropped precipitously since these laws were implemented. Some estimates put this number at over 97%.

However, industrial and other commercial applications were not so easily changed. Due to the longevity of the mercury relays, most industrial complexes did not want to make the transition immediately, discarding equipment which functioned.

However, over time even commercial use of mercury switches declined and other viable options took precedence over mercury switches.

Viable Substitutes for Mercury Switches

One option which is often floated as a great replacement for mercury switches are electromechanical relays. As the name suggests, they use mechanical movement to resolve the problem. This, however, is their downside, too. EMRs tend to be really loud and create noise each time they perform an action.

Another option which can substitute the mercury relays are solid-state relays. As the name suggests, they do not have any liquid parts, which immediately puts them in an advantageous position when compared to mercury relays, as they are not sensitive about their placement.

Solid State Relays

Solid-state relays do not have any toxic materials in them, which means that they are more eco-friendly than mercury ones. In addition, they are equally silent and extremely durable. In fact, some estimates claim that they are more durable than even mercury relays.

However, they do have one major drawback which often puts major industrial users off, and that is the cost. They are more expensive than other options, which makes buying and installing a large number of them quite a costly affair.

On the other hand, if you take into the account that they are more durable, that you will not have to dispose of toxic materials properly (which can be expensive), and that the response time is much faster on SSRs, they become quite a good prospect.

Just like with many other materials which we used to use regularly (like asbestos and lead), mercury is being phased out, and finding the right substitute for you and your specific needs is important.

These 5 Tricks Will Save You Tons Of Space In Your Garage

Homeowners use their garage for a myriad of purposes. You could say the garage is the most versatile area of any home. Some homeowners keep their car or multiple cars there, while others store their unwanted stuff or even transform these rooms into workshops, vacation rentals or even home theaters.

If there’s one thing that’s true is that you can never seem to get enough space in your garage. If you are using your garage as both storage and a safe place for your car, you’ve probably had to fight through the clutter to get to your car and out of it.

In this article, we’ll share a couple of useful tips that can help you maximize the available space in your garage and never have to face the clutter again.

Overhead Storage

If you are using your garage for both vehicle and item storage, you may not have enough room in there to fit all the shelves you need to store all your belongings safely. Fortunately, companies like Good Garage offer a solution for that problem – overhead storage.

This solution actually allows you to store items above your vehicles and reach them whenever you need safely. If you are worried about these items damaging your car – you don’t have to. These overhead racks are made from quality, durable materials and secured so no harm comes to you or your vehicle.

Garage Shelves

One of the most commonly used storage solutions is traditional shelving. Garage shelves are usually easy to assemble and can store a lot of items. One trick to keep in mind is that you should store the heaviest items on the bottom of the shelf and move the light ones higher up. Not only will this minimize the potential risk of falling damage, but it will also lower the shelves’ gravity center, making it more stable. This way you’ll also be able to easily reach and move the heavier items.

Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins are a more flexible solution to your storage problems. They fit items both large and small and can be stored in several different ways. These bins can be found at most home improvement stores or even ordered online.

Peg Boards

If you want to keep bicycles, skis and other heavy items in your garage, consider investing in a pegboard. These boards can fit different items on the wall using additional racks that can sustain heavy loads.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Finally, wall-mounted cabinets are a great storage solution if you have enough space in your garage. They will let you organize all your items and keep the garage looking neat and tidy at all times. However, you will most likely have to hire an expert to install them, as improper installation could lead to damage and injuries.

We hope this article gave you enough ideas to find the best storage solution for your particular problem. Make sure you make a list of items you need to store and determine the best storage solution or combination of solutions that will work best for you. These ticks can help you transform your garage and increase the curb appeal of your home. The best thing of all – you won’t have to live with the clutter anymore!

Buick Lacrosse: Trim Levels and Specifications

The Lacrosse is a mid-size offering from GMs upscale automobile brand. The Lacrosse replaced its predecessors the Century and Regal in North America in 2004 and was sold in Canada as the Allure. This sedan has undergone several design facelifts and updates since and is now in its third generation and part of a premium offering with high performance and highly refined styling. As declared by the Huntsville Buick dealer, the 2018 Buick Lacrosse is all about classic style and luxury and comes in 5 luxurious trim levels – the Lacrosse 1SV, Preferred, Essence, Premium and the Lacrosse Avenir.


The Lacrosse incorporates style and sophistication with is smooth flowing design from its sweeping hood towards a panoramic moonroof that ends gracefully at sculpted LED accented taillamps. It features Standard High-Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon headlamps with signature LED daytime running lamps and 18-inch alloy wheels on the basic trims and 20-inch 10-spoke aluminum wheels on the higher trims that portray a sleek contemporary style. The ultimate Avenir trim is fitted with 3-dimensional upper and lower mesh grilles with Black Ice finish.


The 1SV trim features slick leatherette seats, 8-way power seat adjuster and 2-way lumbar for the front seats and 60/40 split-folding rear seats arranged spaciously in a quite cabin that uses Active Noise Reduction technology with triple door seals and an Acoustic-laminated windshield and front side glass. A 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and Buick Infotainment System with phone integration is part of the standard provision. As we go up the trim levels to the Preferred, a Power tilt and telescoping steering wheel and cargo net is added. As we still go up the ladder to the Essence, Leather-appointed seating, Heated front seats, Memory settings for up to 2 drivers and an Auto-dimming rearview mirror is added. If you want to indulge in further luxury, you are looking at the Premium trim which as Heated steering wheel and lumbar with massage for the driver and front passenger. If you want to go royalty, the Avenir comes with a unique interior accents and wood-toned trim and Bose CenterPoint Surround Sound System.

Engine and Performance

The Lacrosse comes with two drive trains – the Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) and the All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) systems and engine choices such as the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine with eAssist light electrification technology and a 3.6L V6 engine variant. The FWD is available for all the trims with the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine and with the 3.6L V6 on the Avenir and the AWD is available with the 3.6L engine on the Essence, Premier and Avenir trims. The McPherson strut front suspension and Electronic, variable effort steering make driving a smooth and effortless for increased pleasure.


The Huntsville Buick dealer says that theLacrosse incorporates a huge range of safety features such as Electronic Grade Braking, electronic stability control system, LED Daytime Running Lamps, sophisticated Air bag systems, Rear Vison Camera, Parking Rear Assist and others to provide a safe ride.


Buicks strategic offering with a multitude of engine choices and drive trains available in a multitude of colors and cutting-edge technology – Lacrosse is all about enticing new buyers and retaining loyalists by luring them to upgrade to luxury.


Best Used Mercedes-Benz for All Budget Levels

Mercedes-Benz cars are some of the most popular cars around the globe. Their design is sleek, their performance is one of the best, and they retain tremendous value. Another remarkable thing about Mercedes Benz is that the company makes models that fit all the different budget levels. This is all achieved while staying true to the German engineering quality that has been loved for years. Whether it be a coupe, sedan, SUV or convertible, Sandown has a Mercedes Benz that fits your budget and your lifestyle. The high budget will be between £80,000 and £120,000; the medium budget will be £45,000 and £79,999; the low budget will be £44,999 and below.

Low Budget

Mercedes-Benz GLC

The GLC has the same classic Mercedes feel, just in a little bigger package. The company fulfilled the SUV part quite nicely. The suspension is very strong and has the capability to tow without too much of a struggle. The interior is gorgeous, and the sports trim adds an extra nice touch. Another highlight of the vehicle is the great fuel economy. This SUV is perfect for a family who takes their fair share of trips.

Medium Budget

Mercedes-Benz C Class AMG C63

The C Class is one of the safest cars Mercedes-Benz has. The C63, the most powerful C-class Mercedes offers, goes from 0 to 100 km/hr in less than five seconds. The driver-assist included in the vehicle add to its safety. Using radar, ultrasound, and a stereo camera, it can see what is happening on the road, thus allowing some ease when you are behind the wheel of something so powerful. It can manoeuvre out of any vehicle, person, or any other object in the way. The AMG C63 is great for someone’s who wants power but also wants to have top-of-the-line features.

High Budget

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

This beast of a vehicle is popular for its astounding design and powerful engine. The twin-turbo, 469 bhp V8 engine packs a punch and really allows you to feel the acceleration when taking off. The engine being in the rear definitely gives a unique driving feel, but like many things, it is easy to get used to. The vehicles cabin provides its unique low position, almost like you are on the floor. With a small car, there will, of course, be less space, but it is enough for you to be able to control the vehicle without worrying about your comfort. The sleek design and powerful engine in this car will have you feeling like a race car driver.

Mercedes-Benz Has a Car for All Types of Drivers

The three vehicles that were selected are only a brief representation of all the diverse types of cars Mercedes-Benz has to offer. A wonderful thing about their models is that they generally have the option to have almost all the engine types in any car, rather than having to buy the top of the line supercar. The quality of Mercedes allows the value to stay up, so it is wise to purchase a Mercedes used car. Who knows, maybe a Mercedes may be in your garage sooner than later.


Grease, Gears, Clutch, Transmission and Other Auto Mechanisms

 We live in the hi-tech world of satellite communications, GPS, and super smart electronic gadgetry. Automobile industry too has caught up with the latest developments, and the speed machines have become more complex and efficient. Automotiverepairs and maintenancehas also become an essential activity that requires practical experience as well as technical knowledge of engines, motors, gears, clutch, and ignition. If you have your own car then you need to hire the car repair service to maintain the same. If you do not fix the initial issue of your car then you can face some major problems in future. But before hiring the car mechanic, you need to check their license, insurance, experience, certification and customer feedback.

What are the operational capabilities of car repair services?

Modern auto repair personnel are more akin to technicians than simple mechanics who get under the car or do superficial inspections, adjustments, and corrections. Automotiveobservers suggest the following features that define the workspace and operational capabilities of these professionals-

  • Strong mechanical talent has to be complemented by knowledge of electronic systems.
  • The ability to handle electrical equipment, motors, and machines in totality or in parts.
  • General oil and tyre repairs as well as specialized services in engine and transmission.
  • Display practical acumen for inspection, diagnosis, analysis, repair, and replacements.
  • Fundamentals of electricity are helpful in tackling problems related to air conditioning, heating, and tuning up the entire automobile.
  • Electronics have become integral part of vehicles through GPS, Wi-Fi routers, entertainment or infotainment systems, switch start ignition, hydraulic brakes, automatic transmission, etc.,

Auto Repairer Role and Responsibility

Professional auto repairers receive technical training mainly due to the complexity of modern automobiles. The various mechanical, electrical, and electronic components and systems are designed and tested through computerized techniques.

  • Preliminary inspection to identify and categorize the problem as basic or severe.
  • Additional diagnostic tests for locating errors in engine, transmission, and circuitry.
  • Technical equipment and tools such as emission analysers, testers, voltmeters, ammeters, etc., are used for safety and accuracy.
  • Routine maintenance includes tyrecheck up, oil changes, engine lubrication, and complete tune up for increasing the car’s speed and efficiency.
  • Troubleshoot the familiar and specialized faults in pistons, rods, steering, brakes, pedals, and other engine parts.
  • Check the cooling and heating systems and perform the required electrical repairs or replacements related to compressors and pipes.
  • Inspect and alter the components and systems such as ignition, carburettor, radiator, transmission, distributor, etc.,
  • Change the accessories such as radio, windshields, seats, wipers, seat belts, tyre pads, etc., and make the vehicle’s interior and exterior comfortable and convenient.
  • Diesel and petrol cars, bikes, and heavy motor vehicles are also repaired by a more experienced car mechanic. Automotive components from the manufacturing brand are normally used by trained technicians for replacements and fresh installations.

How To Become An Auto Mechanic

The cars, vans, and trucks are produced in different models and makes, and comprehensive skill sets are needed to become a professional car mechanic. Automotiveindustry employs service personnel at the repair centers, and the career opportunities also include self-employment and entrepreneurship.

  1. Receive high school education for basic numeracy, literacy, and computer usage.
  2. Math and physics are indispensible for electrical, mechanical, and electronic skills.
  3. Diploma, degree, or certificate courses are available at technical institutes, community colleges, and career training schools.
  4. Acquire theoretical knowledge along with hand-on abilities in car maintenance, repairs, and testing to a comprehensive level.
  5. Automotive certifications are a proof of excellence in engine repairs, AC system, electrical circuitry, and electronic sub systems.

So now hire the car mechanic according to their qualification and experience, and always choose the best and affordable mechanic for your car.

Volkswagen Ontario is taking the Automotive Niche by Storm

Are you looking for the dealers of Volkswagen in Ontario? You have absolutely come to the right place. Here we shall be discussing about some of the important attributes of the Ontario Volkswagen Dealer. This dealer has a total experience of more than 6 decades. It is known for its various essential features, which make it extremely customer friendly. Let us learn about some of the important features of this dealer in Ontario CA.

Ontario Volkswagen Dealer

Huge inventory

We all are highly aware about the various models of one of the greatest brands in the automotive industry, Volkswagen. Right from the minivans, crossovers, sedan, coupes, SUVs, Volkswagen has them all. And the Ontario Volkswagen dealer is the official inventory of the certified pre-owned as well as new vehicles like Jetta, Passat, Beetle, Tiguan, Golf, Toureg, Atlas and many more. Thus, if you are really not sure about the particular vehicle you want to purchase for your family, this is the right place for you since you’ll get to experience the various models of Volkswagen cars just at one place.There’s an extensive collection of vehicles straight away from the factory.Be it a sedan or a sports car, Ontario Volkswagen will provide you with all the latest models all at one place. It serves to be the first stop for the various products of Volkswagen in Ontario.

Dedicated Department of Customer Service

One of the essential attributes for a dealer of the automotive industry is the effectiveness of the customer Service Department.The CSD of this dealer of Volkswagen here is supported by a team of highly certified, trained and experienced technicians sales staff and engineers. Each and every employee of this brand has tremendous potential and industry experience to handle customer experience, answer any queries of the customers as well as open to the customer feedback.It also has a team of highly specialised officers, who especially look into the customer grievances and customer requirements with great sincerity, dedication and commitment. Apart from these, it also makes use of one of the highest qualities of OEM parts in the industry.

Financing Options

This is yet another important criteria for many customers looking for a car in today’s world.The Volkswagen dealer in Ontario provides an opportunity to opt for the various options for financing their cars.There’s a specialist of this domain, who provides a complete knowledge about the various finance packages to the customers. The work profile of these specialists is describing them each and every thing about the loans. There’s a secure online application for the loans. The specialists also make the customers aware about the bad credit car loans, help them in calculating the payments of the fuel savings, make them aware about the VW protection plans.Thus,this helps in making the whole process of financing for the customers to shop for their vehicle.

So, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the Volkswagen dealer near Ontario.If you’re really looking for purchasing the Volkswagen vehicle for you, it will definitely provide you with the best shopping experience