Pregnancy Sleeping Positions for a Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Pregnancy leads to a lot of hormonal changes and discomfort which tends to affect sleep. Each trimester brings forth its own challenges along with sleep disturbances. While the first trimester can lead to troubled sleeping pattern due to frequent urination, increased sleep during daytime and stress, the second trimester affects the quality of sleep due to increasing foetal size and emotional stress. The third trimester causes the most sleep disruptions due to a growing belly, sinus, heartburn, leg cramps and frequent urination because of pressure in the bladder.

There are a number of Pregnancy Sleeping Positions that can help you get better sleep and prevent discomfort due to the growing belly. These positions let you sleep like a baby.

Sleep on the left

If you are wondering how to sleep during pregnancy, experts suggest that you should sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your back is not the best position after the fifth month because it puts pressure on the blood vessels that can slow down circulation of blood to yours as well as your baby’s body. You may find it difficult to breathe when you are sleeping on your back which could also lead to trouble in your tummy. Sleeping on the stomach should also be avoided because it tends to put pressure on the uterus and on your breasts. Sleeping on the left side is safe for both the mother and baby. It helps improve circulation and allows blood to flow from the mother’s heart to the placenta. It also prevents the mother’s expanding body weight to push hard on the liver.

Support with a pillow

Propping a pregnancy pillow under the tummy and between the knees can help the body stay on the side and preventing it from rolling on the back when in deep sleep. A pillow can also be placed on the side to raise the chest if one complains of shortness of breath. Those who have heartburn can pull up the head of the bed to keep the acidity down in the stomach.

It is however not advisable to spoil your sleep and keep checking on which side you are sleeping. You should allow your body to be comfortable instead of waking up every few minutes to ensure that you are sleeping on the correct side. If you find that you are sleeping on your back or on your stomach, do not panic but slowly turn to your left and sleep. Your body needs rest to prepare for the delivery and the sleepless nights ahead.

Apart from trying out the various sleep positions during pregnancy, you should also follow proper diet and exercises that will help you sleep better. A warm glass of milk before you go to sleep and consuming food that is rich in carbohydrates can help promote sleep. Simple relaxation techniques like yoga, massage and deep breathing helps to calm your mind. A warm bath before bedtime also helps you to have a relaxed sleep during pregnancy.