What fabric is the best when it comes to being organic and sustainable to environment? Find out here

If you would notice nowadays, brands, manufacturers, and companies are growing more and more conscious to the current state of our environment that is why there is a sudden rise in market demand for products that are organic and sustainable.

In fact, in the fabric-making industry, there is also an increasing demand for clothing brands for organic and sustainable fabrics, as well as cellulosic fibers that are natural fibers. Nowadays, the world’s top clothing brands boast organic and sustainable fabrics on its collection of clothes that are available in the market to showcase their awareness on the environment.

Majority of these clothing brands, if rather all of them are using Tencel fabric, a remarkable eco-friendly fabric that represents a breakthrough in the scientific development of environmentally sustainable textiles.

Unlike other synthetically developed fabric, Tencel is all-natural fiber although it is man-made. Also known as Lyocell, this type of fabric was developed in the middle of 2,000’s. Its developers used wood pulp from tree farms that use a sustainable method in growing its trees. Tencel textiles are then made through the use of the highly-advanced nanotechnology closed-loop process that recovers and removes all solvents and emissions compared to other types of textiles.

True to its word, the International Forest Stewardship Council awarded Tencel as a one-hundred percent biodegradable type of fiber textile, but the best benefit that Tencel gives to those who use it is the comfort it gives to the clothing manufactured from its textile as well as producing eco-responsible jeans material.

eco-responsible jeans material

Below is the list of the best-known advantages of a Tencel fabric, and it would be best to read the rest of this article.

  1. ECO-PRINT- Considering that Tencel is made from natural cellulose found in wood pulps from sustainable tree farms, its fiber is very economical during its manufacturing process to create its textile that saves a lot of energy, as well as natural resources and most of all it is fully biodegradable making it a very fitting eco-print product.
  2. MANY COLOR VARIETY- Tencel fibers are high-absorbent which is why it is easy to manufacture textiles from it with various colors making it very ideal to make clothes. Its fabrics are considered to be of high-quality standards and are perfect for dyeing colors.
  3. MOISTURE ABSORBENT- Tencel fabric is perfect for clothing that is for daily use because of its high moisture absorbency and natural breathability, almost outperforming cotton’s absorption rate. If you notice, a lot of Tencel fabric is used in making sports attires because of its breathability and absorbency.
  4. ANTI-BACTERIAL- Because of its high-absorbency, Tencel fabric is anti-bacterial which prevents moisture from building up that is the main reason for bacteria to multiply. Anti-bacterial due to its moisture management, Tencel is also anti-bacterial.
  5. COMFORTABILITY- The feel of the fabric of a Tencel fabric is very soft and comfortable that is very similar to rayon that is known for its breathability, softness, lightweight, and comfort. This engineered fabric was designed to be an extremely comfortable and soft surface that drapes greatly to any figure.