Top five apps for learning English

In case your school did not deliver in terms of teaching the English language properly, there is no doubt you are still trying to find an appropriate course or app to help you finally master the language. Learning English takes time and effort. The good news is that nowadays you can do that no matter where you are as there are lots of superb English learning apps. Here is the list of the top five apps for mastering the English language.

The first one to mention is Duolingo. You have definitely heard about it. It is considered to be the most popular app for learning English nowadays. What is more, it is free. The course is developed in such a way that you will be able to learn a bit every day, as well as have enough time on other college assignments. What is particularly beneficial about Duolingo is that the process feels like a game which makes it much easier for a student to keep up with the schedule.

The next useful app to mention is called Memrise. The main feature of this app is the creative and sometimes funny approach to the learning process. The thing is that you are more likely to memorize a new word or understand a grammatical rule better when it is presented in an unconventional way. In addition, the courses have been designed by the native speakers of the language which makes it even more authentic. Even if you have a huge workload at university, you will still be able to cover a few learning units if you choose Memrise.

In case you enjoy watching videos and it helps you memorize information better, you should definitely try the app FluentU. The main goal is to teach English with the help of real videos (interviews, reviews, music clips and news). Thus, this app does not only help you master English, but also provides you with tons of useful information regarding the culture of those countries where this language is spoken. The app called Babbel is aimed at teaching a student how to acquire basic conversational skills. What is more, its users highlight that there is a strong focus on vocabulary which means that you will learn a lot of new words. There are four different language learning approaches for you to try: fill in the blanks, sound recognition, spelling and picture recognition. The last useful app to mention is called Sentence Master Pro. This app is aimed at helping you build sentences correctly. Yet, its gaming approach helps you worry less about your abilities to do everything properly on your first try.

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August 2, 2018