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January 1, 2022

Advanced Wound Care Practices in Dallas

Wound care specialist Dr. Autumn Savage is the best at what she does. At Wound Evolution, she works alongside other team members to give patients solutions to their wound problems. If you are within Texas, do not hesitate to contact the compassionate specialists for comprehensive wound care.

About the Practice

At Wound Evolution, qualified experts make it possible for patients to receive a proactive, holistic, and advanced approach to wound care. You can access their services in three strategic locations in Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas, and Overland Park, Kansas.

Walking into Wound Evolution, patients are welcomed by a team of adequately trained and proficient wound care specialists and providers. Your devoted providers diligently work towards understanding your individual needs, offer in-depth diagnosis, and formulate personalized care plans. Their treatments target quick wound healing, preventing amputations, and limb preservation.

Wound Evolution providers have vast expertise in providing wound care such as bone infections, diabetic ulcers and wounds, surgical wounds, chronic wounds, pilonidal cysts, and venous and arterial ulcers. Their treatment areas include compression therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, wound debridement, and bioengineered skin grafts.

Services Offered

You can contact the specialists at Wound Evolution for various top practices. Your compassionate providers regularly offer numerous treatments, including:

  • Diabetic Ulcers Specialist- Almost 15% of individuals living with diabetes experience diabetic ulcers. Absent timely intervention, ulcers may get infected, demanding surgical intervention, or even amputation. Contact Wound Evolution for safe, practical treatments for diabetic ulcers.
  • Infected Wound Specialist- An infection is the most severe condition you might develop from a wound. Other than preventing healing, infections may cause tissue damage leading to skin and bone infections. Your providers at Wound Evolution focus on the prevention and treatment of infected wounds to safeguard your health.
  • Wound Care Specialist- Non-healing wounds are painful and prevent you from enjoying your daily activities. In worse cases, chronic wounds may give rise to severe complications such as amputation and bone infections. At Wound Evolution, expert doctors take proactive steps to speed up your wound healing.
  • Bone Infection Specialist- Persons living with chronic conditions such as kidney failure or diabetes risk developing a bone infection. If you suspect having this condition, contact Wound Evolution for a thorough diagnosis and advanced treatment to ease your symptoms.
  • Venous Leg Ulcers Specialist- Venous ulcers can be dangerous and are exceptionally difficult to heal. Your skillful team at Wound Evolution provides holistic wound care that incorporates innovative therapies to heal your venous leg ulcer.
  • Wound Debridement Specialist- Wound debridement is a general term for several procedures to eliminate unwanted materials from your wound. Foreign debris, dead tissue, and other impurities in a wound affect healing and lead to infection. Turn to the experts at Wound Evolution to debride a wound and prevent further complications.
  • Chronic Wounds Specialist- You must seek medical attention swiftly if you develop one or multiple chronic wounds. If ignored, chronic wounds can be fatal, exposing you to more severe complications. If you suspect this condition, contact Wound Evolution experts for effective diagnosis and treatment of chronic wounds.

Wound care is vital to your overall good health. To receive exceptional wound care treatment from a dedicated team of providers, contact Wound Evolution experts. Call their offices, or make use of the convenient online booking tool.

March 4, 2021

Going on a Cruise Ship? You Ought to Know About Tender Boat Accidents

What is a Tender Boat?

Cruise ship journey is not only a journey from one port to another. It is a trip with a lot of island ports coming on the way. Most of the ports around the world are developed to accommodate large cruise ships. However, there are still many that cannot welcome a large ship due to their restricted sizes or shallow water. To take passengers back and forth from docks to the port, small boats, called the tender boats, are used.

Tender boats are usually the size of a ferry and can accommodate about 100 passengers at a time. Nevertheless, some smaller boats can also act as tender boats that can take about 50-60 passengers for a trip.

Sometimes, cruise liners have their own tender boats on the ports ready to take the passengers as well as goods. However, most cruise liner companies outsource this service to small tender boat businesses. Hence, technically, you are the responsibility of the third-party tender boat company from the time you vacate the cruise ship and board the tender boat.

What is a Tender Boat Accident?

Believe it or not, tender boat accidents happen very frequently. De-boarding a ship and then boarding a small boat to reach a port is a dangerous task, especially because the surface is wobbling water rather than firm ground. There are high chances of slipping, tripping and falling.

Many such cases have been reported where passengers fell into deep waters and drowned. In some other cases, passengers got hurt due to the shaking gangways. Some tender boat accidents happen while docking to a busy harbor or running into other tender boats that are already docked. Seldom, harsh weather conditions also lead to turning of tender boats upside down, causing a life-threatening accident for the passengers onboard.

Complications Involved in Tender Boat Accidents

Tender boat accident is a very complex issue. The accident might happen in a state or country from which neither the sufferer belongs to nor the cruise ship company. Hence, the law that governs the case might be anything from the local law to the country law where the suffered passenger or cruise liner belongs to.

cruise ship company

Next comes the evaluation of the liability of the authorities, as if the law confusion wasn’t enough. Whether it is the negligence of the cruise ship company or the tender boat company that caused the accident? Moreover, if the accident happened while the passenger was on the gangway in the mid of the ship and boat, the complications double up. Another question to add up to the list is – could the passenger himself have avoided the accident by being more cautious?

Usually, tender boat accidents happen due to the negligence of either the cruise ship liner or the tender boat company. It is rarely due to the mistake of the passenger himself. Improper equipment, poor judgment, inadequate safety arrangement, or negligent behavior of the staff usually cause such mishappenings.

What Should You Do When You Get Injured?

The first and the most obvious thing that you should do once you suffer an accident is to seek medical help. Once you are stable and good enough to proceed with the legal matters, hire a tender boat accident attorney to take up your case. Do not forget to keep your proofs such as pictures of the accident and injury and your ticket well documented.

An important aspect of such proceedings that you should keep in mind is the deadline. Your cruise ship company might not tell you this but they have limited the time for you to sue them in case you got injured. It is generally printed on the back of your ticket.

Usually, the cruise ship liners are big businesses and limit their liability for personal injuries through a contract printed on the back of their tickets. Moreover, the involvement of the third-party in the form of tender boat companies increases their chances of defending themselves free of liability.

December 16, 2019

Things Every H.R should know About Salary Negotiations

If you are an employee in the H.R department of your company, you would have gathered some experience regarding salary negotiations either with new employees or when handing out increments to existing ones. As many HRs have the unique experience of sitting on both sides of the negotiation table, they have better experience to handle the negotiation process. Employees generally feel uncomfortable when they are negotiating their salary. People who are looking for jobs agree with the terms offered by the potential employers, which can hurt their career growth since they will be earning relatively less throughout their careers. As an HR, although you would want to keep your budget inline but would prefer attracting talented candidates even if you have to give higher pay. Let’s read on some tricks that HR should know about salary negotiations.

  • Research about the market

The first step as HR is to research the market and the economic scenario of the country. The easiest way to do is that is by taking a look at the methods used by other companies that are of similar size and within the same locality. It will give you a fair idea of the current market trends. It will enable you to collect relevant data that you can utilize when you are employing candidates. Other sources of data include conducting surveys and talking to other HR managers since they will share their experience with you, which will help you to better prepare for different types of situations.

  • Collect information about your company

Many HRs do not realize it, but you also need to know literal details about your company and the required qualifications required for the job. You also need to look at the current performance of your company and what the future trends predict will happen. You also need to know about the budget set for new employees and bonuses offered to the current ones. You should be aware of the current business goals of the company so that you can hire accordingly to avoid problems in the future. You also need to stay in line with the company policies, such as whether promotions and salary raise due to skill levels and performance or experience.

  • Gathering data about your team

As a finite budget will limit you, it would be wise to gather all the necessary information before you decide to make offers. Offering a higher salary than what should have been can have severe consequences for the firm. Companies often take loans such as fast business cash before the recruitment process to maintain the necessary budget. You need to develop a detailed as to how you will give out increments since it will involve justifying why you gave a higher increase to one person and a lower to another employee. Proper criteria should be there to judge the performance of your employees and reward them accordingly since it will also keep the motivational levels high, and you will not have to justify yourself to those who think they deserved better.

  • Listen to your candidate

After you have completed your research a dare in a position where you know the figure that you will offer, you should now listen to the candidate. You should try to find out about the benefits and salary the candidate received at his last job just so that you can have an idea of his expectations. Please ask the salary expectations on the application form so that it will make your job much more comfortable. You should also take note of the references provided so that you can get a good impression of the client’s working habits at his previous job. When negotiating with the candidate, ask relevant questions and try to find out why he has come to a particular decision and whether there is room for further negotiations.

  •  Communicate effectively:

When you are communicating with the candidate, make sure that you are clear in what you are presenting on the table so that there is no room for miscommunication. If you feel that the salary is non-negotiable, you can still offer other benefits such as sick leaves, signing bonuses, and other such benefits that might be attractive to the candidate. Benefits can have a strong influence on the decision-making ability of the candidate, and although the size of your company may limit you, it would be better to mention it to the candidates in the beginning. A candidate joining in will not be happy if the promises offered are not kept and may leave without prior notice, which will put you in a tight spot since the recruitment process is not only time consuming but expensive too.

November 19, 2019

Health Benefits of Onion Dishes

Onion is a vegetable that has germ-free, remedial and synergist characteristics can be utilized to help the fix of numerous illnesses and diminish the cooking time of various dishes separately. Granulated onion seasoning has a low calorific worth. As an impetus, it is utilized to decrease the cooking time of the accompanying dishes: Beans, Rice and meat. What’s more, it softens the hamburger by reducing its durability.

Onion is additionally utilized as a flavour in cooking Soup, Stew, Rice Plantain and Green verdant vegetables (for example Spinach). At the point when the onion is used as a zest in these dishes, it improves the taste, flavor, and smell. It is likewise utilized for decorating numerous kinds of dishes. It comprises a massive segment in Salad making. In spring or green onion, both the bulbs and leaves are consumable.

Its antiseptic and essential characteristics help with relieving the accompanying maladies: Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Influenza and Cold. Casualties of Tuberculosis have been accounted for to improve extensively because of the substantial utilization of onion. Onion has achieved improvement in instances of Low Blood Pressure and Obesity. It likewise helps the obliteration of worms and different parasites in the body. Squashed onion poultice applied to the chest has been accounted for to mitigate instances of Pleurisy (aggravation of the lung) and bubbles on the skin. Granulated onion seasoning is excellent for people with diabetes since it contains allyl propyl disulfide, which brings down glucose levels by expanding the measure of free insulin accessible.

While onions can demonstrate to be stable, they ought to be, similar to certain vegetables and flavours, be taken in the perfect sums and with some restraint. This is because expending onions in additional enormous amounts can prompt gastrointestinal bothering and to stomach trouble. Whenever taken excessively, at that point, these conditions can prompt the runs and sickness. At the point when utilized appropriately and in the perfect sums, anybody can unquestionably use the numerous medical advantages offered by the onion. Make sure to incorporate into dishes, soups, plates of mixed greens or even eat them crudely. Time and experience have demonstrated that the medical advantages of onions exceed the gastrointestinal distress whenever devoured excessively.

Make sure to value the onion, not because it makes your dishes more delectable or basically because it adds punch to your suppers yet more so because it gives you a ton of medical advantages that you can’t only get from other arrangement produce.

November 3, 2019

Factors which influence Opal Stone Price

Opal has ample of variations which consist of hues, designs, origins, and brightness. Opal has a complex classification mechanism for the purpose of valuation which is much more difficult than diamonds or any other kind of gemstones.

Mentioned below are of the factors which influence the Opal Stone Price. Over the years there are various guidelines developed on how to ascertain the prices of opal while you Buy Opal Stone Online. Let us explore them out.


Color is the foremost thing that one should observe regarding opal. Red is the rarest of all. The order of superiority is red, then organs, green, blue and purple. Opal is never found in a single color. It is essential to ascertain which color dominates the rest. While you move ahead to BuyOpal Gemstone Online look for the most dominant color to ascertain the prices.

Density and intensity of hues are also essential to ascertain the prices. The thickness of the color bars can support to boost up the majestic appearance of opal.

Direction of color

Opal is a kind of gemstone which undergoes several color alterations depending on the angle at which opal is viewed at. When the opal is very vivid, it is known as “facing”. The direction of colors should be considered while you Buy Opal Online as it will ascertain how flexible the opal is.


Opals which posses to have rare and exclusive patterns are very valuable. The Harlequin design is the most remarkable and rarest pattern in opals. A true harlequin design is a type of mosaic broad design, with an angular close-set of hues.

Some of the rarest and unique patterns of opal are Rainbow, Block, Rolling flash, Board flash, Pinfire, Mackerel, and Honeycomb. Opals that do not have any pattern belongs to lower price range.

Body Tone

The guide for body tone of opal was given by the Opal Association Of Australia, particularly for Black opal and boulder opals. It is now being used for all opals across the globe. Opals, for this reason, are bifurcated into nine categories ranging from N1 to N2. N1 is the darkest of all and N9 is the lightest.

  • Black opal is usually highly priced and has body tone of N1 to N4
  • Opals with N5 to N6 are accounted as semi-black or dark opal
  • Body tone N7 to N9 is known as crystal opals.


There are 7 bifurcations for brightness ratings of opal with B1 being the brightest and B7 is the dullest. The brightest opal is highly valued.


Opals of oval shapes are accounted to be more expensive than the other free-form, apart from boulder opal where free-form is considered to be desirable. The shape of the opal ascertains how flexible it is. Oval stones usually come in best faces of hues and can be used in a wide range of applications.


Potch lines and inclusions should not be confused with cracks. A crack line generally reflects light and devalues the worth of opal. A potch line does not reflect light, and these opals are usually valued lower but can be used to make artistic image designs. Some opals possess to have vegetation designs from inclusion.

Opal field source

The wholesalers may not consider this factor but the trade chain has the goodwill of generating premium quality rough that produces top-notch stones. This generally happens in Ethiopian and Australian opal fields.  The depth of the mine also causes an impact on the value of opal. In the trade, this can be an essential element for repeat clients. If you figure out a seller having particular stocks that you desire, it is ideal to buy Opal Stone Online from that group.

Natural or treated

Natural opals always fetch higher prices compared to treated ones. Smoked or treated Ethiopian crystal opal is present in the market which resembles black opal. One should consider that this treatment is temporary. Before buying opalstone online one should consider whether it is natural or treated to figure out its right price.

Country of origin

Australia is the leading producer of the most expensive opals in the world. Most of the countries now generate good quality of opals like Brazil, Ethiopia, and Mexico.

March 16, 2019

All About A CUCKOO Multi-Pressure Cooker And Why Do You Need One

Unlike the pressure cookers that you might own decades ago, the multi-pressure cooker these days are much safer and easier to use. There’s no more need for you to worry about exploding when using a pressure cooker! If you do not own the modern-day CUCKOO multi pressure cooker yet, then you are missing out.

How To Choose A Multi-Cooker

Aside from Cuckoo, you might have seen plenty of multi cookers in the market these days. But before buying one, there are some factors that you have to take into consideration. Here is a buying guide that can help you when choosing the best multi cooker for your home:

  • Your multi cooker should be able to cook any kind of rice.
  • It should sustain a high boiling point for pressure cooking.
  • Make sure you choose a cooker with a non-contact heating method.
  • Your multi cooker should offer a shorter heating time.
  • Multi-cooker should have impressive resistance both to heat and pressure.
  • Should have a non-stick inner pot for easy cleaning.
  • Should come with adequate safety features.

Why Choose CUCKOO Multi-Pressure Cooker

Easy Cooking

With a multi-pressure cooker, you can effortlessly achieve a variety of flavors. This is programmed and developed for over 30 years. Its smart algorithms make it easier for you to adjust the power and the pressure level to your preferred type of cooking. It has been revealed that there are over 300 recipes that you can make using the Cuckoo’s smart algorithm technology.

Pressure Cooking

Now, you can have faster and tastier cooking. This feature will not only reduce your cooking by up to 70% but also save you time and energy usage. It can also heat food evenly which makes it more nutritious and more flavorful because the minerals stay undissolved. The high temperatures can also eliminate harmful microorganisms, thus reducing aflatoxin concentrations to a safer level.

Multi-Pressure Cooker

3D Heating Technology

With the Cuckoo multi-pressure cooker, it uses induction heating technology that heats food with radio frequency electricity from the induction heating zone of the pot. This makes the pot act as the heating element so that food will be cooked more evenly, heating food quickly up to 20% faster.

Non-Stick Coating Technology

The Cuckoo multi-pressure cookers’ inner pot is coated with SK-FLON coating that will keep the food from contamination with harmful substances like aluminum. It will also prevent the rice from sticking to the walls of the pot.

Intelligent Voice Activation System

It seems like every appliance that we have these days are voice activated. The Cuckoo multi-pressure cooker also has this smart feature. It even has different languages available to give you a better cooking experience.

Even though there are plenty of names in the market who promises to have the best multi cooker for your needs, always choose the brand that everyone trusts – CUCKOO. Always purchase from reputable makers to make sure that the parts can be obtained easily in case it needs to be repaired.

February 9, 2019

How GST has affected the investments in India

Has GST impacted investments in India? The typical reaction would be; what does GST have to do with the investment scenario in the stock markets or Demat Accounts? But the fact is that the GST does impact the Indian investment scenario in a variety of ways. In some cases the impact is direct as the costs can be directly felt in the service delivery. In some cases, the impact is indirect as it skews investment attractiveness of certain sectors. In addition there are also cases where such effect of GST can be corollary. Let us see some key implications of GST on the investment climate…

goods and services

Higher rates of GST on equity transactions

This is a direct impact of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) and it translates into higher cost. How does that happen? When you transact in shares in the stock markets (buy or sell), then there is a series of statutory costs that you pay over and above the brokerage that is charged. Prior to July 2017, transactions in equities were subjected to 15% service tax including cess. However, post the implementation of GST, this stands modified at 18%. Effectively, if you pay Rs.100 as brokerage, then your actual cost will now be Rs.118 due to the impact of GST. Unlike STT, which is imposed on the value of the transaction, the GST is imposed on the value of the brokerage. For intraday traders and scalpers, the GST has substantially pushed up their costs and also their breakeven levels for trading. GST will also push up the annual maintenance charges (AMC) imposed by your DP.

Higher rates of GST on mutual fund services

You will be paying 18% GST on all the mutual fund services that you will be enjoying. Here are two ways in which it impacts you. Today, the mutual fund model has largely shifted to being an advisory model. Most mutual fund investors are paying advisory fees to their advisors on an annual basis. The effective cost of these fees will go up sharply for the clients. Secondly, the fund pays GST on the management fees that it debits to the fund. As per the latest SEBI regulations, equity funds are allowed to charge up to 2.50% as Total Expense Ratio (TER). In addition, they can charge 30 basis points for funds sold outside the top 15 cities, taking the cost to 2.80%. In addition, the fund is allowed to bill the GST paid by them on the management fees also to the clients. Also the fund will be paying higher GST on all services availed like audit services, legal services, registry services etc. All this will add up as costs to the customer.

How GST will impact PMS schemes?

Portfolio management schemes have long been the preserve of the HNI investors. Most PMS scheme collect hefty fees from the clients which can range from 4-5% on a flat basis. In addition, PMS schemes also charge you an additional kicker fee if the profit delivered by the PMS is above a certain threshold. With alpha becoming harder to generate, the cost of a PMS will come under question. The higher GST is only going to exacerbate this debate.

How will it impact low GST rate stocks?

One of the features of the stock market in the last 1 year has been the outstanding performance of FMCG stocks. It is not without reason. The GST Council reduced the GST rates on most of the food items and food products to the range of 0% or 5%. In almost all the cases, the benefits have been passed on to the end customer leading to a spurt in demand. It is hardly surprising that research firm Nielsen India expects FMCG sales to grow at 12-14% for the next few years. If you look at any of the FMCG stocks with a food focus like Hindustan Unilever or Britannia, the performance in the stock market has been stupendous. To that extent, GST has opened up new reasons for investors to invest in the Indian consumer story.

How will GST impact logistics industry?

This is a slightly more complex argument as far as GST is concerned. The idea is that GST is going to totally revamp the approach of businesses to logistics. Prior to introduction of GST, large companies like Hero Moto, ITC, Hindustan Lever, Bajaj Auto, Havells and Maruti used to maintain an all-India logistics network that was designed around the inter-state sales tax and entry tax structure. In most cases, these logistics arrangements were not optimal. What GST has done is to force companies to look at logistics as core to their business efficiency rather than a method of managing taxes and compliance. This will unleash the full potential of logistics since interstate taxes are now fully done away with. On a similar vein, the scrapping of excise duty will also blur the difference between organized and unorganized segments. That will further narrow the gap and will be hugely beneficial for sectors like paints and electrical goods where the unorganized segment is very prominent.

January 9, 2019

The Emotional, Mental, and Physical Sides of Addiction

Understand how to make sense of all that comes with the weight of addiction.

Addiction is rarely as straightforward as it seems. It’s not just a strong urge to use alcohol or drugs. Instead, addiction can change the way a person feels, thinks, and acts. There are short-term and long-term emotional, mental, and physical impacts that many patients experience.

It’s crucial to keep all this in mind when choosing a rehab facility. Those that have an aftercare program are preferable because these programs create a sense of accountability instead of releasing a newly-treated former addict into the world without the keys they need to stay sober.

That said, let’s dive into the changes an addict will experience when abusing their substance of choice.

Emotional Impacts

Addiction causes many emotional issues, among them a decrease in self-esteem. The addict will often feel embarrassed of their behaviors as well as feeling bad about the changes in their relationships, home life, work life, and stability.

While some drugs cause a momentary emotional high, when these highs wear off, the addict may be left feeling depressed. Compounding that sadness is the fact that the addict typically only feels happy when using alcohol or drugs. They tend to experience little or no happiness elsewhere in their lives.

Over time, if the addict loses their family, job, and perhaps even house and car to their addiction, they will be more likely to grow destitute and emotionally shut-off.

Mental Impacts

According to, there were about 8.1 million Americans with a mental illness as well as an addiction to alcohol or drugs in 2015. While not every addict will have a mental illness, the overwhelming majority do. Sometimes this is depression, while other times it’s a more serious mental condition.

Certain drugs may be responsible for the development of mental illness, such as prescription stimulants, PCP, methamphetamine, LSD, kratom, inhalants, and cocaine. If an addict already has a mental illness, they may abuse alcohol or drugs to mute the symptoms of their mental illness.

Even if an addict has no prior mental illness, then addiction, withdrawal, and the lapses between a next hit can cause feelings of anxiety and depression.

Physical Impacts

Long-term alcohol and drug use also wreak havoc on the body. Strokes and heart attacks become more common when addicted to cocaine, for instance, according to Turnbridge. Even those on marijuana may be more susceptible to heart attacks due to the elevated heart rate from using this drug.

There’s a greater likelihood of experiencing cognitive and emotional issues when abusing methamphetamine, leading to memory problems. Kidney failure and hypothermia can occur with MDMA as the internal temperature within the body changes.  Of course, liver issues are common with those who abuse alcohol as well as heroin. Brain damage may happen with a heroin overdose as well as an overdose of other opiates.

Then there are the physical effects of withdrawal, which some addicts may attempt to do alone. These symptoms include:

Tremors and seizures

Teeth chattering

Slurred speech


Stomach cramps, vomiting, and nausea

Sweating or clamminess

Restlessness and night sweats

Changes in appetite

In severe cases, withdrawal can sometimes be fatal, which is why it’s recommended addicts never do it alone. Instead, detoxing should be done under medical supervision. Drugs to alleviate the symptoms should be handed out sparingly to avoid the getting the addict hooked on yet another substance.

The Importance of Aftercare Treatment

Addiction, as we now know, affects the entirety of a person. At Elevate Addiction Services, we work hard on repairing the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of addiction to get the addict back to who they once were.

Emotionally, our cognitive behavioral therapy and other therapy will delve into the cause of the addiction, whether that’s financial hardship, loss, or childhood trauma. Mentally and physically, our holistic care, such as art and music therapy, healthful eating, and a rewarding exercise regimen amongst the natural wonders of Northern California will renew the body and soul.

There are no 12-step programs here. We also don’t exclusively use drugs during the withdrawal process, so there are no further addiction risks. With our aftercare program, those who graduate the program are still held accountable, which gives them the incentive to stay sober.

March 27, 2018