Gifts For Eid-Ul-Fitr

Eid-Ul-Fitr is an important festival celebrated by the Muslims that marks the end of 30 days of fasting which is also known as the “Ramadan”. During this particular day, the Muslims are not supposed to fast. It is important that the Muslims celebrate this day in a very grand style. Everywhere in the world, this festival is known to be very peaceful and compatible.

Before the special day

Before this festival, the Muslims fast for 30 days by eating during the dawn and then staying in hunger and thirst until the sun sets. During this Eid, the Muslims exchange a Ramadan gift with one another, wear new clothes, make a lot of yummy food, go out and celebrate it with the entire Muslim community.

Why giving gifts important?

The Ramadan gift is usually given to every member of the Muslim community. It is more like Christmas for Muslims with lots of gifts, cards, food, sweets and more. This tradition has been going on for so many decades and it shows respect and love towards one and another.


Ideas for presents

There are some awesome gift ideas you can either make or buy to give your family and friends. Some of them are handmade Eid cards, handmade sweets, dresses, chocolates, Islamic related books, ornaments, a piece of jewelry and some other things you feel like gifting them.

There are some other special gifts that you can present as well. For example, the Holy Quran, Muslim prayer beads, Prayer mats, Hijabs for ladies, Caps for men and other things that are purely related to Islam.

Shopping Online

Although there are so many gifts available out there in the market especially for Eid season, you can order it online as well. Sometimes you want to get them something you can’t find it in the shops, then you can find it over the internet it is so much easier and stress free. You don’t have to waste your time running around the market in search of them.

Preparing a plan

It is very important to write down a list of people you want give presents to, what you want to give and how much your budget is. Make a plan before implementing anything. Buy presents that are affordable. Keep in mind that you need to buy presents that are almost the same price and the same quality. Sometimes there might be people who may feel jealous and sad that you didn’t gift them something expensive just like how you gifted your other cousin.

Gifts will make your loved ones happy and also raise the love and peacefulness between the giver and the receiver.