Getting famous with blogging

My friend just turned into a travel and food blogger, isn’t that great?  No, not really, one year of hard-work and followers no more than 500, de-motivating isn’t it.

Social networking sites are almost choking with the number of users-turning-bloggers. Fame is not what everyone gets, a lot of hard-work goes into the making of a successful and famous person. While we are not discouraging anyone who aspires to become a famous blogger, however, we are here providing a helping hand to the newbies and also those wondering why despite all the hard-work  they are not receiving the same proportion of returns. The tips mentioned below will surely be a saviour to get for oneself a good position in this buzzy sphere of internet within a short span of time.

Joining a Web Community

Almost all of us have come across blogs via web or internet. A number websites become famous as a result of trendy blogs. Hence, this trick can be used in a vice versa manner as well. In other words, as sites become famous with blogs, one can also become famous with sites on which blogs are published.

Web communities for blogs are much in hype these days. A number of bloggers are most often occupied with reading stuff of other bloggers and networking. Hence, one can submit their blogs to credible web communities for a better promotion of their creative piece.

Trending topics

Being outdated and disoriented to current trends is a big “no” “no”, in the field of blogging. Numerous topics and posts go up on and down on the trending list each day. Hence, it is important for a blogger to be aware about what sort of posts would be the centre of attention in the masses. If the trending searches are on fashion and media, ones blog on food or travel is less likely to come up the list. While trying something new and unique is an excellent way to get one’s blog more viewers, however, being in touch with “trending” is the key to successful blogging.

Social Networking

Social networking now is just not limited with texting and connecting with people. A range of marketing and promotion options are available on these platforms. Instagram is filled with posts of all kinds of bloggers, be it food, travel, fashion, or personal. Another way to promote one’s blog is by creating a Facebook page and by setting a RSS feed for the blog on the page itself. Twitter is yet another platform on which bloggers can promote their posts by tweeting them to their followers. Google+, Linkedin,,My Space and various other also offer bloggers a base to present their blogs on an online space.


The above mentioned point talked about the uses of social networking platforms, growing from that point is the point of persistence. It is important that one indulges in regular blogging to become popular on these sites. Being more active on these sites requires uploading posts every 2-3 days, adding stories or status to profiles, indulging in light-hearted conversations with followers, and conversing with other bloggers in the same niche. The more active you are, the more likely your posts are to come up the trending list.

Useful and Interesting Content

While it is important that one becomes active on social networking platforms, however, it doesn’t either means pressing one too hard to meet this requirement nor does it mean posting pointlessly. A moderate amount of posting in 2-3 days is enough as a fine blog piece would do much good than a futile one even if posted twice everyday. Blogs usually become famous when they target a certain group, hence, bloggers should identify who essentially are on the receiving end of these posts and how are these posts helping them.

Blogging is one of the recent addition made to our simple lives. While a number of people desire to be in the limelight, the above mentioned tips work well for getting a good amount of recognition and attention. A big contributor to the growth of bloggers has been the emergence of smartphones. Offering an effortless way to catch up with the trends, smartphones require just one mindful effort of apt consideration while purchasing. Several brands offer several features at variable prices and in different models, so how can one make the correct choice? Brands like Sony, Panasonic India, and Samsung offer high-end features at a decent price, hence, always making for a correct and smarter choice.

Giving the power of social networking and internet together, smartphones have taken blogging to a new level altogether. Bloggers now find it more convenient to use smartphones instead of professional cameras or laptops for their posts. Smartphones inded are the future.