Increase the bottom line in your dental practice

Let’s face it. Being a professional in the dentistry industry is hard. Period. The end. It’s hard to get people excited about going to see the dentist regardless of how nice your office is or how friendly your staff is. But, it can also be an extremely rewarding profession. By helping someone with their smile, you are giving them a piece of confidence they might not have possessed to date. This can mean the difference between getting that big job or meeting that special someone! But, finding ways to stand out as a great dental practice while also making a decent profit can be quite the challenge.

 Most fall prey to the idea that increasing profit means growing the patient base by either a number or percentage over the course of a year, but there are other ways  to increase the bottom line significantly that often go unchecked.  When was the last time you looked at the cost of your dental disposables supplies? I’m not simply talking about looking at the total at the bottom of the spreadsheet for that month’s costs, rather, really looking at those costs and understanding them as a percentage of your overall bottom line. In the dental industry, it is common for the cost of dental supplies to run anywhere between  4% to upwards of 16%.  Falling at the lower end of that scale is very possible without feeling stingy or cheap simply by having better management of this process overall.  Working with a reputable dental disposables supply company is certainly a big part of this, but there are some simple steps on your end that can greatly influence the success of this process.

Organization is key. Not every order has to be identical. If you keep careful track of your inventory, it will be easier to buy only what you need.

Second, take a look at how many appointments  are scheduled with one patient to complete dental work. Scheduling more appointments than necessary can actually hurt your practice financially in the long run as you are consuming more dental disposables with each additional patient visit.

 A few small changes in the way you operate your practice can add up to a much better number on your bottom line.  The whole theory of don’t sweat the small  stuff should actually be opposite for you in this category. Paying a bit more attention to the small details can really make a big difference.