Blogging’s Importance In PR

PR agency professionals understand that the blogging community is increasingly powerful.

Engaging bloggers can influence their followers towards specific products and brands when utilised effectively by a PR agency. Blogging should form an essential component of digital PR initiatives to draw interest and convert this in to sales.

The blogging industry is becoming as effective as mainstream media. Is your PR approach reflecting this?

Blogcon London

Blogcon London was held on June 2nd 2018; organised by Scarlett London, a super-blogger, the event delivered a fascinating insight in to the latest developments and imminent trends in blogging.

PR agency teams, vloggers, bloggers and social media influencers converged at the event; networked, witnessed product and brand showcases and participated in numerous discussions. A panel of leading names in the blogging world drew a strong crowd for Q&A’s and explained how they had reached the top tier of the industry. Vitally, Blogcon allowed every person to assess blogging from another viewpoint than their own.

Taryn Glenister from Ceres PR, a food and drinks PR agency, found the discussion on “Reboot the blogosphere” particularly interesting. Featuring bloggers Stephanie Yeboah, Beth Sandland and Jordan Brown the importance of how to successfully blog and make an impact in a saturated market, harness support and increase followers significantly in a short timespan were highlighted.

She also found the people she met at Blogcon positive, inspirational, creative and knowledgeable in their chosen subject, from parenting advice bloggers to foodies to crafters. She was glad that she took the time to visit the recent event and has initiated relationships with people she would be proud to work with in the future.

Influencer and blogging PR experts should unite

A core message that came from Blogcon 2018 was the need for good relationships between influencers and blogging PR agency specialists to maximise potential.

Blogging is relatively new, but it is a rapidly growing tool, and this often presents confusion over the etiquette and how far to reach without breaking boundaries when blogging. It became clear through the day that mutual respect and creativity are the foundation for beneficial quality content that serves the product, brand and influencer.

An influencer shouldn’t be perceived as a luxury item in PR; they could make the difference between a brand barely surviving or prospering in its market. What makes your product and brand stand out from the rest?

Allow bloggers to inform and reiterate what the brand and product stands for and why choosing your goods has a positive impact for their audience; your target market.

Blogging PR specialists

Please don’t try to handle blogging PR in-house without experts who have the knowledge, experience and insight into the industry and the importance of influencers. Ceres PR agency is a noted food and drink PR specialist with a keen eye on the effective methods of today and potential future avenues; they formulate unique campaigns for every client to achieve blogging PR, sales and increased market share goals.

As consumers move online in growing numbers to browse and purchase, ensure that blogging is a hardworking tool for you.