How Using a Co-Branded Platinum Credit Card Makes a Lot of Sense for Frequent Flyers?

If you are a frequent flyer, using credit cards such as co-branded platinum cards from top banks can make your travels more rewarding. These cards offer a host of benefits that can help frequent flyers in many different ways. Check out this post how these cards make a lot of sense for people who fly frequently.

Frequent flyers get to earn a lot of air miles for their flight bookings. But to make their frequent flying programs more rewarding, many of the top air carriers now allow the members to earn air miles in many different ways. For instance, there are now co-branded platinum cards jointly offered by banks and air carriers.

These cards don’t just allow you to earn air miles for each of your card spends but offer a host of other travel benefits too. Let us have a look at some of the top benefits of these cards-

  1. Joining Bonus

How about getting 10,000 air miles or more for free without booking a flight ticket? With co-branded credit cards, you get bonus air miles by just registering for the card. The bonus miles are automatically transferred to your frequent flying membership account.

Many of the cards also offer additional bonus miles when you fulfil their minimum spend criteria within the defined duration. What’s more, you get more miles every time you renew the card.

  1. Earn Miles from Credit Card Spends

After receiving the joining bonus, you also get to earn air miles every time you spend with the platinum card. For instance, you can earn 8 air miles or more for every Rs. 150 you spend with the card. If you are a regular credit card user, this feature can help you maximise your air miles.

Additional miles are also offered when you use the credit card for booking flight tickets from the air carrier whose frequent flying program you’ve joined.

  1. Airport Benefits

With some of the co-branded platinum cards, you also get a host of airport benefits. For instance, some cards offer airport lounge access, excess baggage, concierge service, and more.

If you fly regularly, these airport benefits are sure to make your travels far more convenient and rewarding.

  1. Lifestyle Benefits

How about dining at your favourite restaurant and earning air miles for the same? Or book a hotel room and get rewarded with air miles? There are now co-branded cards that offer many different types of lifestyle benefits.

From dining, hotel booking, to even travel bookings, the cards are an excellent way to add more miles to your frequent flying account.

  1. Discounted Flight tickets

With the help of a co-branded platinum credit card, it is also possible to get handsome discounts on your flight bookings. Discounts of 5% and even more are generally available with such cards. However, the discount is only available when you book a flight from the official website of the air carrier that has co-branded the credit card.

The Many Benefits of Using Platinum Credit Card

As you can see, co-branded platinum cards offer a plethora of great benefits to frequent flyers. Even if you don’t fly frequently, these cards still provide many different ways to earn air miles which you can then redeem for award flight tickets, cabin upgrades, and more.

Select a co-branded platinum card carefully to make sure that you get to enjoy a host of flying and travelling benefits like the ones discussed in this post.