Iconic Omega Watches

Each year we come across a new set of timepieces which render the watch enthusiasts, as well as the non-enthusiasts, bamboozled alike. Well, this is done with good reason because the watches have been designed in a manner which never fails to surprise the onlooker. Some of these watches manage to become the leading icons of the respective companies as well as the industry so concerned.

One of the leading brands in the watch industry is none other than Omega. The company is famed due to many reasons ranging from craftsmanship or the brand new technology that they introduce or because of its history. Because of the acclaimed status that this company holds, we present to you the iconic watches amongst the lot that we have come across over the many years:

  1. Omega Seamaster 1948 Limited Editions: The year 2018 is marked as the 70th anniversary of the Omega Seamaster line of watches presented by Omega. The watch was originally released to make use of some of the technology that the company had provided to the military during the period of the second world war. The new design has been equipped with a brown or a blue leather strap in order to provide a vintage look to the watch. In between, the watch has a minimalist design in order to commemorate the bygone times.
  2. Omega De Ville Trésor Collection: One for the ladies! This is one of the most elegant watches that we have come across in quite some time. The watch is a precise combination of the classic as well as the contemporary style. We switch between the two, time and time again. Thus, this is amongst the best of the watches to adorn your outfit with. The dial has been encompassed by a case which is diamond studded and enhances the look of the watch multiple folds. A variety of colours are available on the dial while our favourite remains the Sedna Gold Diamond case.
  3. Omega Constellation Co-Axial: The concept of this watch is dramatic which adds to the fondness we hold for this watch. The dial is striking at its first look, and the magical combination of jet black with the matte silver stainless steel case and bracelet adds definition to the watch. The 35 mm dial, is smaller than the usual watches that we come across but, serves to prominent. The date display has been positioned in the place of the three o’ clock mark. The watch is water resistant up to 100 metres. This watch makes for a good watch when you have to carry that professional look of yours. As a matter of fact, the watch is going to make your attire look complete.
  4. Omega De Ville Prestige Co-axial: One dons this watch with style. The watch is meant for classic styling and adding to the luxurious appearance which is never likely to go out of fashion. The watch has variants of the sorts, one with subdials and the other with no subdials. The De Ville is adorned by beautifully polished Roman numerals and has been developed in various colours. The leather strap of the watch adds to the aesthetics of the watch and renders the person looking awed. The dial colour varies depending on the colour of the watch you opt for. The dial length is about 39.5 mm which is neither too big nor too small. These watches are bound to complete your wardrobe in a perfect way.
  5. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra: This watch is simple in its truest essence, to say the least. The moment we laid our eyes over it – we were awestruck. The dial has a perfect finishing and the strap that it has been attached with just adds to the beauty of the watch and makes it an ideal accessory for the times when you decide to go out for some adventure or decide to be on a short trip to the sea. Most importantly, this watch adds to your wardrobe a refreshing look – the one you have been looking for since so long. The date feature to this watch has taken place of the six o’ clock mark. The name suggests that the watch is going to be water resistant. The simplistic way in which the dial has been developed is an enhancement form the first time the watch was released.

These Omega watches have long been in the arena and have managed to put up a good reputation for themselves to the point that their revisions have been introduced in order to keep up with the modern style that has been taking over. However, to keep the vintage essence alive – the watches have left out a few changes which still manages to look too damn good.