Benefits of Visiting the Thriving Center of Psychology

To enjoy your life to the fullest, it is paramount that you consider your physical and mental well-being. Visiting the nearest practice dedicated to your psychological health is a massive step towards leading a healthier lifestyle. If you are in New York, Los Angeles, or Miami, you can make a physical visit to the Thriving Center of Psychology or make a telehealth appointment. A Midtown psychologist like Dr. Alvarado, Dr. Updegrove, Dr. Ferere, Dr. Gurley, and other certified psychologists are available for your unique needs.

About Thriving Center of Psychology

Thriving Center of Psychology refocuses attention on important things to you as the mantra of service delivery. The facilities in Midtown and SoHo, NYC, LA, CA, and Miami, FL, are enthusiastic about offering guidance on your exploration of self-discovery.

Thriving Center of Psychology believes that to live a truly fulfilled life, you must prioritize your mental and physical well-being. The team of certified practitioners offers the highest level of mental health care for patients that are motivated to lead a better life henceforth.

Thriving Center of Psychology utilizes evidence-based techniques and treatments delivering proven results. The team collaborates with you to empower and help you embrace your role as the narrator of your journey. Comprehensive treatment is delivered to all, considering the pace of each.

Members are welcome to make recommended weekly appointments to get the most out of each session. You can receive online video therapy from any location despite being on a tight schedule. Thriving Center of Psychology values the importance of customized sessions from online and on-site.

Services Offered at Thriving Center of Psychology

  •       ADHD
  •       Anger management
  •       Anxiety
  •       Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  •       Couples therapy
  •       Depression
  •       Fear of flying
  •       Group therapy
  •       LGBTQ+
  •       Life coaching lessons
  •       Neurofeedback training
  •       OCD
  •       Online video TeleTherapy
  •       Panic disorder
  •       Peak performance
  •       Phobias
  •       PTSD
  •       Relationship guidance and counseling
  •       Self-confidence
  •       Sleep disorders and problems
  •       Stress
  •       Substance abuse
  •       Trauma
  •       Work stress

Why Should I Visit the Practice?

  •       Thriving Center of Psychology has three ideal locations – Thriving Center of Psychology has three facilities in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Each facility is fully equipped and designed to deliver the best care for you in a comfortable environment.
  •       Your comfort is paramount – Thriving Center of Psychology has modern offices designed for your comfort from the moment of your arrival till departure. Treatment is fun, engaging, and designed specifically for your needs.
  •       The practice helps you get the best caregiver – before the first visit, you are required to fill the therapist matchmaker survey. The client coordinator places you with the best provider suited to handle your unique needs.
  •       Thriving Center of Psychology delivers proven results – the practice has a team of certified practitioners at each location. The practice targets the root cause of your illness by focusing on the evidence gathered from tests and diagnoses.

Bottom Line

As you seek to unlock your potential and lead a healthy life henceforth, you can take advantage of the expert therapists on site. You have the option of choosing a therapist that you are comfortable sharing with.