Individualized Weight Loss Counseling in Virginia

Obesity is a problem affecting a vast number of people, not only in the US, but also across the world. Located in Ashburn and Fairfax, Nova Physician Wellness Center is a comprehensive practice offering individualized weight loss counseling. Weight loss counseling comes to relieve you of the mental and emotional issues that come along with excess weight. At the center, Dr. Rohit Suri leads a team of specialists in offering weight loss counseling, combined with evidence-based treatment plans. Discover Fairfax weight loss counseling by calling or requesting an appointment online. 

What Is Weight Loss Counseling?

Weight loss counseling helps patients determine specific mental and emotional factors that might be impacting their weight management. Adjusting knowledge, behaviors, and thoughts about exercise and food can significantly help you lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

In the weight loss counseling program, Dr. Suri uses behavioral therapy to help patients achieve optimal results. He provides customized physical and medical exams, exercise routines, and nutrition training.

To begin treatment, Dr. Suri must first conduct a comprehensive diagnosis. During this session, Dr. Suri discusses with patients about their eating habits, thoughts about nutrition, and food choices. Dr. Suri might also conduct a test using an electrocardiogram to examine the patient’s health. Through his treatment, patients can learn about any bad habits negatively impacting their weight loss efforts.

What are Trigger Foods?

Trigger foods are those foods that one can easily overeat or binge. Often, these foods trigger cravings, thus encouraging you to take more. Dr. Suri will help you find the best ways to get off these foods, such as reducing purchases, avoiding circumstances when you feel pressured to take them, and replacing them with other healthier food choices.

What Is The Significance of Weight Loss Counseling?

Weight loss counseling has multiple benefits since the cravings can significantly affect your weight loss efforts. These programs help patients plan for their food shopping and create a perfect environment for weight loss. It can also involve written weight-loss targets to give patients the zeal, and a stronger mindset to continue pursuing their goals.

The Weight loss counseling program begins with a consultation by a health or nutritional counselor, who comes up with an exercise and meal plan, tailored to meet the patient’s specific needs. At Nova Physician Wellness Center, their weight loss management programs are divided into weight loss and weight maintenance. Aside from losing the extra pounds, adopting a healthy lifestyle to maintain your desired body weight is essential.

What Is Medically-Supervised Weight Loss?

Even though exercise and diet may provide fast weight loss results, many people do not maintain it. With medically-supervised weight loss plans, patients can be guaranteed lasting results.  At the facility, Dr. Suri determines a safe and effective custom weight loss plan for every patient. This plan is based on specific factors such as age, lifestyle, medical history, and the patient’s needs. Dr. Suri will guide you all through your weight loss journey and teach you effective ways to maintain it.

To sum up, every patient responds differently to the weight loss program. Some of the main determining factors are age, the level of obesity, and self-discipline in following the set dieting guidelines. Nevertheless, under the board-certified providers, led by Dr. Suri, patients are guaranteed safe and effective procedures. To learn more about how weight loss counseling can help you attain your desired body goals, call or request an appointment online at Nova Physician Wellness Center today.