Important topics to prepare for SAP HANA Interview

In these times, SAP HANA makes one amid the highly challenging versions relating to SAP. At the time of preparing the interview focus of a contender must be to comprehend the system by employing the better available procedure. It may be very vital to understand the principles, techniques, architecture and the structure pertaining to designing the software. You must feel at home because this article is provided with the essential topics and terminology that may be posed during the interview.

Subsequent to being well versed with all those topics and queries, you may be certainly in a position to deal with the topics and questions posed during the interview. Not only this much but to be well acquainted with these topics and SAP HANA interview questions will boost the level of your confidence. Below are listed some topics to be asked during the interview:

  1. About the meaning of SAP HANA

SAP HANA can be described as an elevated performance analytical device within memory calculating engine. SAP HANA tends to be connected to the enterprise’s resource planning or ERP systems. For load control and replication management of server, frontend modeling studio can be found for use.

  1. About advantages of SAP HANA

The primary benefit is technology that is the In- memory, which assists the users to investigate and make an analysis of the analytical plus transactional information in real time, and also virtually as well as from some source of data.

A) The collection of information may be performed from the source that exceeds one within SAP HANA.

B) Within SAP HANA you are capable of utilizing services that are real-time replication facilities. It can replicate and access information from SAP ERP.

C) You can always find their design environ along with data modeling.

D) It has got the interface of MDX and SQL from the support of some third-party It can be taken as an extra benefit for the users.

About comparison amid SAP HANA & business warehouse accelerator (BWA) plus current working of HANA

Business warehouse accelerator or BWA: BWA may be referred to as the in-memory accelerator needed for BW – business warehouse. The core point of focus is on enhancing the question performance relating to SAP Net weaver business warehouse. Business warehouse accelerator may be specifically planned to speed up business warehouse questions and as well for minimizing the information attainment time with continuing the copies pertaining to the info cube.

SAP HANA: It may define as the in-memory database. This forms the platform on which elevated- performance investigative application and reports are present. One more aspect to take into consideration here is that within SAP HANA information may be fed from SAP as well as from source system that is non-SAP via DXC, Sybase, BODS, and SLT. This is capable of being monitored utilizing excel, crystal reports, BI/BO, SAP.

At present, SAP HANA does work in the capacity of the in-memory database needed for SAP business warehouse. At this time SAP HANA may be taken to be in a position to enhance the general performance relating to SAP net weaver business warehouse.