The top benefits of medical check up

A medical check-up can be done at any time, it is not necessary to wait until you have some symptoms of illness to know how the state of health of the body is. Click here for health screening clinic singapore.

In every medical check-up it is necessary to review 4 important points

Blood pressure

Measuring the pressure is a simple test, but of great importance, as it helps to know if the cardiovascular system is suffering and should be regulated.


Bad cholesterol levels can cause cardiovascular disease, so acceptable levels must be maintained. Visit this site for health screening clinic singapore.


Detecting the presence of type 2 diabetes, when it is prone to develop, can obtain better treatment results.


An eye exam should be performed on every person to detect the presence of vision problems.

Importance of checkup

A first consultation where the Clinical Doctor with the data obtained in the interrogation (age, sex, personal and family history, risk factors) and physical examination, request a series of studies.

In the second consultation these studies are evaluated and the recommendations are proposed to the patient as a future strategy (deepen on a particular result, decide the frequencies of subsequent consultations, indicate pharmacological and / or hygienic / dietary treatments, etc.)

CLINICAL CHECK-UP is an excellent tool to detect early the existence of risk factors or diseases and to be able to treat them with greater chances of success.

health screening clinic singaporeIt is not necessary the existence of symptoms to do a check-up, as there are diseases that occur silently (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.) and only manifest when they are complicated.

In general, in the CLINICAL CHECK, a series of routine studies are requested, to which those that were necessary according to each particular case can be added.

Countless studies are not necessary; each of them must be requested with appropriate criteria. Many times the excess does not simplify subsequent decisions; on the contrary, they cloud it.

It is undoubtedly important to have a clinical check-up periodically; it is always preferable to prevent having to treat an installed and / or advanced disease.