Personal Statement Writing starts with a Sample

Many postgraduate programs at various universities and specialized schools require that you write a personal application so that you can apply for school, and if you are not sure what to write, you need to know where to look to solve this problem. Since your personal statement will go a long way to whether you are accepted into your dream school or not, you should definitely write an introductory essay that really captivates those who read it.

A good exercise that you need to complete before starting your introductory essay is to start with a sample.

Thus, you can see exactly what is happening in the personal statement, as well as see what the tone of the personal statement writer looks like and what he really emphasizes.The first place to find examples of personal statements is on the website of the school you are trying to enter. If you can find samples of the opening essays of other people who have already been accepted to school, then you can really start to go deeper and find out what is expected of you.

Depending on the school you are trying to enroll in, finding these patterns may be easy or almost impossible. When this happens, you can always seek help on the Internet.As with everything else these days, there are an incredible number of websites on the Internet with examples of various types of entrance examinations.

When you research a large number of samples that you will have access to, be sure to look for samples that belong to you and your personal situation. When you find examples of personal statements that you think contain useful information, you can print them out and highlight areas that you think might help you when you plan to write your own statement. It is also a good idea to take notes as you go.

When you have enough information and a few examples of personal statements for reference, you can sit down and start your thoughts for speaking. Do not try to write your personal statement after viewing only one sample, as this may inadvertently lead you to create a copy of what you see. When expressing your thoughts in the first place, you can be sure that you will get a good combination of ideas and inspiration from various examples of personal statements that you like.


Remember that your personal statement is “personal” in nature, so you should make sure that all the information you provide is your information. When you start with a sample and take some ideas, then move on to another and take additional ideas, and so on, let your true self express itself in the finished product, and this will give you the best chance to access your school of choice.