The Best Guide To Camping Equipment

First and foremost, you must decide what to take! Nothing is worse than arriving at a campsite and realizing you have forgotten a vital piece of camping equipment at home! So, always make a list and double-check before you leave. Get more facts fromĀ

Most importantly, you’ll need a place to sleep, so bring a tent and double-check that you have pegs and guy ropes in your camping gear. Bring a groundsheet for extra comfort and to keep the meagre amounts of warmth you can muster. A sleeping bag and blanket should suffice, but for added comfort, more opulent campers can bring an air bed and pump. If you’re going to sleep in a sleeping bag, bring a roll mat to lie on and a pillow to keep your neck from getting stiff.

You will also need food and cooking equipment if you want to survive your camping trip. If you have space, it’s always a good idea to bring a cooker or stove, as well as some bottled gas or other fire-starting material. Getting a pan and plastic plates and cutlery is more straightforward and lighter than bringing your entire kitchen home. Bring a tin and a bottle opener, and always bring plenty of bin bags (they can be used for various things!). Always bring snacks and water, and it never hurts to sneak in some alcohol for those cold nights.


Personal hygiene is one area that has to suffer a little when camping, but that does not mean you should abandon it entirely! So you’ll need a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, wet wipes, and shampoo to stay as fresh as possible.

Take clothing to cover all eventualities, including everything from warm jumpers and raincoats to shorts and flip flops. Always bring a waterproof jacket and walking shoes, but be prepared for sunshine by bringing a sun hat and beachwear. A warm woolly hat and gloves will also come in handy on cold nights. Ideally, you should wear a new pair of pants every day, and it is always better to overpack if you have space.

When camping, you must take care of yourself and those around you, so always bring first aid supplies with you. There are plenty of minor first aid kits available, so pick one up along with some sun cream, paracetamol, and any particular medication you may require.

There is always room for some other essential items and then the luxury items now that you have all your essentials! A torch is necessary for getting around at night, and having a mobile phone on hand is essential for emergencies. Take plenty of batteries to cover any electrical equipment you may have, and duct tape can come in handy if your tent breaks down. If you stay for a more extended period or in a caravan, you can bring anything from portable washing machines and toilets to camping furniture and games.