Today, smartphones are the lifeline of people.Thus, if it gets lost or stolen, it can be a big problem. In that case knowing how to track a cell phone can be really helpful. However, that is not the only reason you track a cell phone. There are times when you don’t know where your kids are or what your employees are up to. At such times, the best option for you is to track their cell phones and see where they have been going in your absence.

If your smartphone is lost/stolen, you can easily track them since many phones come with the tracking option. However, if it someone else’s smartphone you want to track, you’ll have to rely on third party application.


If you want to track your kid’s or someone else’s phone, you can choose one of the many mobile spy applications such as mSpy. mSpy is the best among all the mobile spying applications and will allow you to spy on varied range of activities of smartphones. You can not only track the person’s location but also their call logs, text messages, messages sent and received through messaging applications such Whatsapp, Snapchat etc. You can easily track cell phone location by number using such applications. To know more about how to track a cellphone, visit


Tracking through third party applications is very simple. Here is what you need to do-

  • Download and install the tracking application on yours and the target’s phone.
  • Installation may take a few minutes. Thus, you should have access to the target’s smartphone during that period.
  • After installation, tracking will start immediately and all their activities will be recorded in your online account.
  • You can login to your secure account and find out all the activities of the target phone including messages, call logs, etc.


If you are looking for way to track your smartphone, it is fairly easy. There are many cell phone tracker free of cost available on the play store. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below.

For Android Devices

  1. Download Android Device Manager from the play store and install it on someone else’s android phone through which you’ll track. This app lets you track your phone and also remotely lock or erase its data.
  2. Open Android Device Manager and login with the same Google Account which is your smartphone. After the login is successful, you can locate your device to its last known location.
  3. As mentioned previously, you will also be able to erase the whole data, lock your phone, or give a ring.

For Apple iPhones

  1. Login to the iCloud website with the Apple ID on your iPhone. You can track your phone from web browser, or even iPad easily since location tracking is turned on by default in all iPhones.
  2. If your phone is nearby, you have an option to play sound on it which will help you find it faster.
  3. If not, you can activate the lost mode which will lock your phone and display a number to contact if someone else finds it.
  4. If none of the above work, you have an option to erase all data so that it’s safe from falling in wrong hands.

For Windows Phone

Go to Windows Phone Website and login with the Windows Account the same as your phone. If it gets tracked, you will see the exact location. You will also find options to Lock, Ring and Erase its data in case if your phone is found to be completely lost.

Thus, tracking a smartphone is very simple. If it gets lost, you need not worry about not finding it forever. Simply follow the above mentioned steps, and you’ll be able to find it. Furthermore, technology has made it very simple to track someone’s phone. So you never have to worry about where your kids are going or whom they are texting, since all can be found out with a simple download of an app.