Teach your dog roll over in a fun way

Teaching the dog new tricks can be a wonderful way through which you can bond with him and moreover, stimulate him mentally. A dog should use his brains and when you do not help him to use his brains, you may get into trouble. Training can keep your pet mentally stimulated. Teaching your pet the rollover trick is fun and it will keep you as well as your dog entertained. All animals including humans learn from their actions. Dogs learn to depend on the effects of the actions.

Teaching your pet by using reinforcement shall enhance your bond. The trained dogs that use positive reinforcement have their training sessions. The best route of training particularly for the untrained individuals is positive reinforcement. Most of the dog trainers make use of the clickers. When you use a clicker, then the process becomes simple; however, an average person does not understand fully why the click is used. When you use a clicker, you can reduce the time you need to train him. This is basically because of the ability to communicate. A clicker means “Yes!” Learn more about this trick from Ultimate Dog.

Teach a Dog Roll

Easy steps to teach a dog roll over

The first thing when you want to teach your dog roll over is by offering delicious treats for training your pet. You can use a special treat, which your dog normally does not eat. This shall make him highly enthusiastic regarding training. You may use turkey sausages as they are not expensive and you can cut them into very small pieces. Start your training and put him in the sitting position. Bring the treat to the nose and move the hand gradually towards the neck. Give your pet a treat from another hand. Next, move the hand away from the dog to make him roll over. Praise your dog throughout the training. If you remain more enthusiastic, he will love the training process more.

Tips to train your dog

You may use toys rather than treats when your dog does not get motivated alone by food. You may use special toys, which you use particularly for training such as a squeaky toy or a tug toy. The training session must be for 5 or 10 minutes so that you train him many times a day. Always remember to praise your pet, particularly when he completes the trick of roll over. Your dog should have the greatest fun while training. Ultimate Dog site shall help you to learn more.