Claiming money from a motorcycle accident

When compared to the people who travel by car, motorcyclists have a higher fatality rate. According to the UK Department of transport in 2014, motorcyclists had serious injuries 16 times more than those who traveled in cars per each 100 million vehicles. As there is a higher risk for those who drive motorcycles, the numbers of accidents are at a higher rate.

Why should you claim?

 If you are involved in a motorcycle accident even though it’s not your fault and if you have been injured, then you have all the rights to make a claim the insurance of the other driver. Groth Law Firm, S.C has motorcycle attorneys who can be with you and help in claiming the motorcycle accident insurance. It’s always better to act quickly so that you can receive some

The claims process:

  • The experienced motorcycle attorneys at Groth Law Firm, S.C can provide you with a simpler and easier claims process.
  • It’s always better to choose the firm which can work on your claims process at a faster rate and by taking minimal details from you.
  • A good firm will help you by providing you with the right and specialized personal injury lawyer who would work on your claims process.

Choosing the right Solicitor:

  • If in any case, you are unable to get the motorcycle accident claim, then you need not pay the fee to the lawyer. This condition would be specified under conditional fee agreement which is also known as “No win No fee”. If you win the case you will usually keep all the compensation that you have obtained.
  • There is another legal expense insurance policy which states that if the claim was an unsuccessful one then the legal expense insurer should make sure to pay for all the expenses.
  • Always make sure to choose the company which is specialized in providing the best quality services in motorcycle accident claims.

Points to check before hiring a law firm:

      A good law firm should

  • Help you understand the merits of your claim and the right way to proceed.
  • Collect the relevant evidence so as to prove your case.
  • Collect the medical reports of the victim
  • Obtain various other reports such as the motorbike evaluation.
  • Provide claim to the other party’s insurance company.
  • Manage to settle the issue out of the court and if not should be able to win the case for you with proper court proceedings.
  • Should complete the necessary procedures of the court and must be professional and well-experienced lawyers in handling the motorcycle accident claim cases.
  • Should manage to obtain maximum financial settlement on behalf of you.

Before you choose a particular motorcycle accident claim lawyer, it’s always better to check their background and the years of experience which they have in handling these kinds of cases.