How do locks with a fingerprint reader work?

The fingerprint reader of the security door cannot in any way be broken into, it is a key that cannot be changed without access. Connected to an intelligent reading system programmed and manageable also by application from your smartphone. The choice of an armored door equipped with a fingerprint reader is optimal for no longer having to carry keys ; always be safe and do not risk losing the key and then having to replace the lock  electronic lock singapore.         

Another security value of this authentication system is the certainty of not risking to forget or lose the keys or, in the case of code locks, to forget the access pin. This highlights one of the main features of optical reader locks: their ease of use and the resulting convenience. All users whose biometric fingerprint has been registered are enabled to access the authorization.

It should be emphasized that in this type of opening system, of which the major manufacturers guarantee its reliability and level of security, and international quality and guarantee certifications, none of the fingerprints authorized for a given lock can be replicated or recreated by the system . The fingerprint is encoded by means of a specific encryption, which then allows interaction with the reading sensor, acts as a mediator between the optical reader and the user’s hand.

A system, therefore, in which both the extremely advanced technological aspect and the high safety standard can be highlighted. Armored doors equipped with fingerprint reader locks are therefore one of the most efficient and reliable methods for protecting your home.