Designer ceiling fan for your kid’s room.

Decorating their children’s room is a dream of the parents. Special care is taken in each context to make it more presentable, funny, cute and childlike in appearance, and reality as well. From paint job to toys and even furniture is taken care of with a personal touch and constant monitoring. From the windows and doors to the decorations everything is kept special. If such pain is being taken why should the ceiling fan be kept simple and old designed. For people who didn’t know that fans come specially for decorative sense for the children’s room the answer is yes, they do come in the market.

The various designer fans available in the market for decorating children’s room are as follows:

  • O’hare: The fan is very designer in looks as it has multi-finish with airplanes hanging from the fan. The fan has a single light as well. The fan is very funny and the child will definitely like such a childish product.
  • Quorum pinwheel ceiling fan: the fan has many colourful blades and it has an aesthetic touch for the kid’s bedroom. The blades are also designed differently from regular fans.
  • Glamourous Glen warbird airplane: The fan gives a touch of the war time when the warbirds were considered as a symbol of the freedom. The fan is an excellent way to get your kid to know about the war era and at the same time giving tribute to these glamourous war machine.
  • Monte Carlo balloon 44” ceiling fan: the fan is ideal for a girl’s room and it is ideally inspired in its design from balloon. The fan is very lovely in its looks and very simple as well.
  • The fantasy flyer: Your young pilot will have his imagination fly to the skies and beyond with this excellently designed piece. The fan is completely designed like an airplane and is very aesthetic in its appearance.

  • Pro-star basketball: This is an excellent piece to install for you basketball enthusiast kid. You might get your kid to like the basketball if he is too small to have chosen any game yet. The fan is a really smart choice to install in your kid’s room and it is designed as a basketball net.
  • Beautiful white and pink bloom flower: the fan is themed on a blooming flower and the fan is an excellent choice for a girl’s room. The fan is ideal for a room which is themed on flowers or has similar colours.
  • Harlequin 36” kids ceiling fan: this is an excellent lightening and cooling option for your child’s room. The fan has excellent colourful blades with a single light in the centre. The fan is engineered for excellent cooling with a colourful design.
  • Funtoosh ceiling fans:You have excellent choice for both boys and girls room as the fan is available in two designs one for each category. The fan has a very colourful and excellent design. The fan is very funky and colourful in its appearance.
  • Warplane ceiling fan: this is another one of those planes which has been designed after the warplanes and this sure looks like one in its appearance.

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