Four factors that can cause serious damage to the car’s exteriors

If your car remains parked out in open for several hours each day, it’s important to make sure that it’s covered with car clothing. Yes, this is about car covers. Covering your vehicle is necessary even if you have parked it inside a closed garage.  Whenever your car is parked in a garage for several months, it can easily get damaged due to dust and other elements in the air. Using one of the best suitable indoor car covers can help in protecting the vehicle’s paint from getting damaged.

No matter if your vehicle is a high-end, classic, or one of the simpler ones, it’s obvious that you must have invested your hard-earned money on it. Keeping it safe from harmful materials, including dust, can help in increasing its paint’s life. Keeping your car covered also means avoiding getting unnecessary scratches.

Believe it or not, damage caused to the car due to sunlight, dust, trees and birds can prove to be an expensive affair.

Damage due to exposure to sunlight

UV radiation present in the sunlight can prove to be harmful to humans as well as to the vehicle. It can damage the car’s exteriors as well as dashboard items made from plastic. Covering the vehicle will help in saving the car’s paint from fading. Exposure to sun’s heat also affects the fluid level in various parts, vehicle’s battery, air filters, and tire air pressure.

Even vehicle parked inside the garage can get damaged

When you park your car inside a closed garage without covering it, dust starts settling on the same immediately. If not cleaned on time, this can result in damage to the vehicle’s paint. Plus, scratches start developing on the surface as well.

Damage caused to cars parked under trees

This may sound weird, but some people believe that their vehicle would remain safe when parked under a tree.  Unfortunately, they realize the consequences only after their car gets covered with berries, nuts, leaves, and other stuff, including bird droppings, gets accumulated on the car within few hours.

Damage caused due to birds

As mentioned earlier, bird droppings can ruin the car’s paint as these droppings contain uric acid. If left unattended for several hours under the direct sunlight, this material can easily stick to the car’s surface. Removing this sticky stuff is extremely difficult and can further damage the paint again.

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