Best Travel Essentials To Help With Holiday Packing

As we improve progress towards normalcy with caution, one of the things we look forward to is a break or a vacation. Whether your trip is long or short, your kit of travel essentials this time around should have a lot more items. To make your vacation readiness is hassle-free, make sure you have checklist ready beforehand. Read to know more.

Before your travel excitement reaches fever pitch, pay attention to these packing essentials. Proper packing takes time to perfect and it can be extremely gratifying to know that you did everything right. Because safety and comfort for yourself and your loved ones comes first.

Here is the list of travel essentials you will need to pack in your bag:  

  • Instant hand sanitizer: Always carry an instant hand sanitizer while travelling. Our hands tend to touch surfaces where viruses and bacteria could linger without us realising. While on the road, access to soap and water can become a problem. Just keep an instant hand sanitizer such as Dr Rhazes Ultra Protect Gel. It kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria and gives protection for 2 hours.
  • Mosquito repellent: It is always safe to carry mosquito repellent during travel to protect yourself against diseases such as malaria or dengue or zika. Most travel agencies ensure that they work against these disease spreading insects butprevention on your side is always better than cure.
  • Travel Pillow: If you know that the travel time can stretch for more than 6 hours or so, you should always carry a travel pillow. It will help you get proper sleep, as well as neck sprain instances, can be avoided.
  • Portable chargers or chords: If you are travelling by plane or bus, charging of electronic devices can be a problem. Always carry portable chargers to keep your devices running without any power interruption at the time of travel.
  • Disinfecting wipes: Getting sick on a trip is probably the worst thing to happen considering the current COVID-19 situation. Make sure you always use disinfecting wipes to kill viruses and bacteria while on-the-go.
  • Toiletries: Travel can leave you exhausted, feeling sticky and sweaty. Carry a pouch to store important toiletry items that includes soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, shampoo, deodorant, moisturizer, and others. Maintain a toiletry kit whether you are taking a trip overseas or spending a weekend with the family.
  • Medical aid: While travelling, there are times when you may feel sick. It is always necessary to carry an emergency medical kit for common health issues like stomach-ache, fever, headache, or any other medicines that are required for your body.

Other than these, the common travel essentials you need to pack include, sunglasses, laundry bags, extra pair of shoes/slippers, eye mask, earplugs, adapters, speakers, among others.