Quality Healthcare for You and Your Family

Many health needs still haven’t been met or aren’t available to many patients, as you would imagine. Being healthy is a blessing, and we should be grateful for it every single day. Life is happier and more enjoyable when we have good health; hence, it is vital in our lives. Family First Wellness is dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective quality health services to meet their patients’ health needs. Led by Samantha Lindsay MD, the practice offers family medicine and aesthetic needs to help improve their patients’ lives.

Family First Wellness takes pride in serving and helping people in and around Lutz, Florida, live healthily, and stay healthy. They offer medical services that meet the needs of patients of all ages. The family-based practitioner, Dr. Lindsay, is caring and compassionate to all her patients and strives to offer them the services and care they deserve. She believes she is your partner in achieving your health, where she spends enough time with you during the consultation to develop customized treatment plans. With her highly skilled team, they offer extensive services and treatments for high cholesterol and chronic diseases such as diabetes. Preventive medicine is their focus; they help patients change into healthy lifestyles through education to improve their lives.

Dr. Lindsay is highly experienced in family medicine and uses integrative approaches to help patients achieve their health. Having achieved her medical degree in her mid-life, she owned a spa and served as a probation officer that helped her interact with people, understand their needs, and find ways to improve their lives. Her passion for improving people’s lives led her to acquire more medical knowledge to help people live healthier and happier lives. Family First Wellness is devoted to ensuring people live healthy lives. They are highly skilled and offer cosmetic treatments to help people achieve their best looks and live healthy lives. They are friendly to all their patients, respecting their every health need, and striving to fulfill them.

They offer services such as:

Annual exams

Family First Wellness ensures their patients stay and live healthy by offering comprehensive annual exams to help evaluate their health and prevent any serious health issues. Visit them today for your regular health check-up.


High blood pressure is among the most common health conditions affecting many individuals today. At Family First Wellness, Dr. Lindsay offers specialized treatments to lower your blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Call them today or book online for your consultation.

Body sculpting

Dr. Lindsay offers aesthetic treatments, including body sculpting, to help patients live their best and happier lives. Visit them today for effective and safe treatments.

Good healthy lives are achieved through proper treatments, healthy lifestyles, and preventive care such as regular health exams. Family First Wellness excels in providing family medicine and aesthetic treatments to help improve people’s lives. The experienced and dedicated Dr. Lindsay is affectionate to her patients providing comprehensive, personalized care. They offer excellent services and treatments, including diabetes, hyperlipidemia, aesthetic laser treatments, hypertension, and preventive medicine, to help people live healthy lives. They are welcoming and always make their patients feel comfortable whenever in their offices. Visit them today in Lutz, Florida, for all your family wellness.