A Lifetime Affair

It’s totally okay if the thought of seeing an OB/GYN makes one a little anxious, but it doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking ordeal. It’s likely going to be a lifetime activity, and it’s better to get the hang of it sooner rather than later. Many common conditions like endometriosis and other sexually transmitted infections (STI) often go undiagnosed, which is why the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends an annual visit to the OB/GYN. The visit usually consists of a series of tests depending on one’s age and lifestyle. Thus, to help minimize the fear and promote better care of one’s reproductive health, there are several things one can do in order to prepare. Here are a few tips from an experienced Bluebonnet OB/GYN in San Antonio about how to get the most out of the next exam.

The Right Provider

Although there are countless OB/GYN specialists that are as good, if not better than their counterparts, finding the right one might take a while. An individual needs to find a doctor that they can feel comfortable being around, and one that they can trust. Gender is irrelevant when it comes to choosing a health provider and there are many brilliant male OB/GYNs that can be well-suited for one’s health care needs. The most important aspect is that the person provides healthcare in a way that makes the patient comfortable.

Tests to Expect

The ACOG recommends different evaluations and screenings based on individual age and lifestyle. Thus, before seeing the OB/GYN, it would be good to know what those tests are and what to expect. The tests include breast examinations, and pap smears, among others, which are not always comfortable but are necessary as they may save one’s life. There are other things also being monitored, for instance, blood levels, and medications. The doctor may ask a few personal questions regarding fertility and contraceptive plans and it’s important that the patient be as honest as possible. After all, these “intrusive” questions are meant to improve one’s overall wellbeing.

Be Open

No one likes sitting and waiting to get information coaxed out of them. But since it’s a necessary part of the examination, one can learn to make the process a happy and comfortable experience. One can approach the situation in a positive way by being open and honest, and volunteering to give any relevant information the doctor may need. Don’t be afraid to tell them anything. The OB/GYN treats many different people with a variety of symptoms and experiences, and being upfront is the best way to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. A good healthcare provider will never make one feel judged or uncomfortable and if it happens, it might be time to find someone new.


Additionally, some prior internet searches might come in handy when looking for a great OB/GYN. A helpful way might be to start by searching the symptoms online to better understand the condition before contacting the physician. One should ascertain that the website belongs to a reputable OB/GYN, or it’s a legitimate medical site. By contrast, social media postings and other non-medical sites could confuse the patient and lead to unnecessary worries and concerns.

Prioritize the Appointment

Consistent scheduling and showing up for an appointment is one way of ensuring effective care. Even if one feels like nothing’s wrong, prioritizing the visits and receiving all recommended screening tests ensures thorough care. An OB/GYN is intended to promote a woman’s health and an appointment with one should be treated with the importance it deserves.