Why Golf Boarding School May Be for You

Have you ever thought about attending boarding school? Although not a mainstream choice for most American youth, boarding schools that also train their students for professional sports are a good idea. Not only that, but you may be able to attend camp at such a school if you don’t want to attend full time. Let’s take a look at boarding schools and what you might be able to do at them, such as a youth golf camp, tournaments, and more.

What are sports boarding schools?

Not all boarding schools in the USA are sports-centered, but many are. For example, there are over 70 boarding schools that train students in alpine skiing, and more than 100 golf academies. For instance, one school that offers a youth golf camp on top of their regular school year draws in junior golfers to give them one-on-one training as well as top academic college placement. Sports boarding schools, then, are schools that combine intense athletic training on top of academic excellence. If you or your child is spending all their free hours training for a sport like golf and you are spending top dollar on personal trainers, you might consider sending them to a sports boarding school. You would probably spend a similar amount of money, and you or your child would be immersed in a culture of other students doing the same training.

Benefits of a Sports Academy

A sports academy that offers boarding school academics and training can have a lot of benefits. If you are spending a lot of money for your child to train after their regular high school classes and on weekends, for example, you might find that a sports academy offers even better training at a similar price. You also might notice that your student feels isolated, even if they are training with other kids their age. Your high schooler would be thrust into a world full of students doing the exact same thing, providing both social interaction to bolster morale, and increased sources of competition.

youth golf camp

What about a youth golf camp?

If attending a full-fledged boarding school program seems too daunting and inconvenient, then consider a youth golf camp instead. Such camps offer somewhere around seven hours of training per day, as well as nightly opportunities for social outings. Many of these camps last one week. The camp allows students to get a snapshot of what it would be like to attend the boarding school full time, complete with lessons on how to analyze videos of their playing and preparing for tournaments.

Whether you are a high school junior golfer interested in expanding your horizons or a parent looking for somewhere to send your junior golf in the summertime, a golf boarding school may be just what you’re looking for. With over 100 schools to choose from in the USA alone, sports boarding schools can be just the option you’ve been looking for to take your junior player to the next level.