The Most Important Vitamins for the Human Body

The human body today is marred by various kinds of diseases and ailments that were not seen before. As science is developing and today we see funded researches are conducted to find out the cure for life-threatening diseases. But this reverse trend of increasing ailments does not have anything to do with the lack of science in developing cures, but the culprit is our lifestyle which has brought to this stage where more than half of the population living in the American continent has become an acolyte of obesity.

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This incongruous diet and way of living give birth to various conditions and ailments. Our food does not have enough minerals and vitamins which are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle; the result is recurrent health issues and increased number of visits to the doctor. Vitamins are essential to maintain a healthy body and to ensure a long life, this is the reason we resort to various witaminy suplementy. Let’s discuss which vitamins are the most important to achieve a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Vitamin A: ever wonder why the doctors always recommend eating carrots to ensure that you have healthy eyes? The reason is that carrots are rich in Vitamin A which is essential for healthy eyes. Added to this Vitamin A also helps to maintain the overall health and development of the body.
  2. Vitamin B Group: Vitamin B is not a single compound rather there are various vitamin groups under Vitamin B, for instance, there is Vitamin B1, B3, B4, B6, and B7 and so on. All of these vitamins have distinct functions ranging from replenishing the body with energy, some provide immunity and others are important to absorb iron. You can ensure sufficient levels of all the vitamins in this group by eating whole and unprocessed grains, potatoes, bananas, beans, and molasses. Added to it there are various witaminy suplementry which provide sufficient levels of vitamins to the body.
  3. Vitamin C: this vitamin is a rich source of anti-oxidant and helps in keeping healthy and elastic skin. Added to this vitamin C also helps in maintaining and increasing the strength of our blood vessels. As for sources you know the most potent source of Vitamin C, yes you are right its oranges. But there are other fruits too like berries, guava, strawberries, cantaloupe, and sprouts.
  4. Vitamin D: also called the vitamin of life, vitamin D helps in strengthening the bones. The most potent source of this vitamin is the sun; the heat from the sun invigorates some of the markers in the body which further enhances the production of this vitamin. But added to this you can also go for witaminy suplementry to further increase the levels of Vitamin D in the body.