Stem Cell Therapy Treatment in Frisco, Texas

Stem cell therapy is a significant breakthrough in medicine that has made it possible to treat a wide range of diseases. Today, thousands of leukemia patients can be saved by using stem cells to graft tissues. Book an appointment with a Frisco stem cell therapy specialist today for a consultation and find out whether your pain can be eliminated using this form of treatment. Although the therapy is now being widely used, very few people understand how it works to heal various illnesses. Below is a general overview.

Definition of stem cell therapy

Stem cells are special types of cells harvested from the body because they can specialize in various other particular types of cells. They are the only few cells with this kind of behavior that allows them to adapt to specific functions in various organs. Experts can also develop these cells in the laboratory, but they have to use the right conditions.

Stem cell therapy uses these cells to repair and facilitate healing in injured tissue. Doctors develop stem cells to specific cells like heart muscle cells and nerve cells under the right conditions. One of the main benefits of using stem cell therapy is that cells are harvested from the patient’s body, which minimizes the risks of rejection. Donor organs have experienced occasional rejection in the past.

Types of stem cells

Different stem cells perform different abilities to develop into other types of cells. They also have different sources in the body. Types of stem cells include:

  •       Adult stem cells: Doctors harvest adult stem cells from tissues such as bone marrow and fat. These cells have a better ability to form new daughter cells compared to the rest. Using this knowledge, doctors can use harvested stem cells in various body parts to facilitate healing and eliminate chronic pain.
  •       Embryonic stem cells: Doctors collect embryonic stem cells from embryos that are around three days old. At three days old, these cells can easily develop and form other specific cells. However, doctors only use them to repair tissues as they are more versatile.
  •       Induced pluripotent cells: Induced pluripotent cells are basically adult stem cells that are manipulated to have similar properties as embryonic stem cells. Therefore, doctors can use them instead of embryonic cells to reduce the chances of rejection.
  •       Perinatal stem cells: Doctors harvest these cells from the amniotic fluid and umbilical cord blood. They, too, can develop to form other specialized cells.

Benefits of stem cell therapy

  •       There is minimal recovery time.
  •       Avoid surgery that would otherwise be required to treat pain.
  •       Cells are from the patient, which reduces the risk of infectious diseases.
  •       Fewer chances of rejection
  •       Doctors do not have to use general anesthesia during treatment.

There have been numerous records of successful stem cell treatment since doctors began using this form of therapy to eliminate pain and accelerate healing. Therefore, the method is safe for use. Doctors will first perform an exam to determine whether you are a candidate for stem cell therapy before beginning treatment. Book an appointment today with Integrative Pain & Spine to heal degenerative joint diseases and related conditions.