Save Time in Kitchen: Tips to Cook Yum Food on Workdays within Minutes

Being a professional lady I always face time lack for all home chores, especially in the working days. I usually postpone the activities like laundry, cleaning or gardening for the weekends but cooking is the thing which I can never skip as I couldn’t compromise on the food because of the health concerns of my beloved family. But the problem is, it takes too much time and I feel it hectic after a long tough day at my workplace and I also have to give quality time to my little family. So I searched for the tricks that can save my time and effort and tries some of them which I found really significant.

So, I am sharing my experience and listing those realistic and working tips here so that you may also take help from this article to conserve your time and effort while cooking.

Arrange the Kitchen

The very first thing that I did was to re-arrange the kitchen in a way that the things that I use so often must be kept at handy places without getting messed. For this, I used different types of racks like wall-mounted shelves for the spices, netted racks to hang the pots and vertical stands to place the plates and trays. In this way, the essential things become easy to handle and manage. It saved my time of picking the right thing from the cabinets and avoiding the ones which are not required. I find some good quality shelves from the online stores and got discounts from the which is used in arranging my kitchen.

Planning Worth

As we all know that listing down and planning for the things to do always worth. At first, I prepared the list at the weekend and noted down the works to be done in the whole week. Also, I wrote down the food that has to be cooked on each day. Although, that was also time-saving that I go through the list each day and then carry the things while returning from the office. But suddenly a smarter idea came to my mind that I used my cell phone calendar and memo for this purpose which is more convenient than writing on a notepad. Here’s how you streamline your chores and spend lesser time in the kitchen.

Avail Weekend

The weekend is a blessing for me and I used to finish a lot of tasks on Saturday & Sunday so that I couldn’t get hassle from Monday to Friday. The stuff that I try to give the side before Monday are shared below separately.

  • Wise Grocery

There are multiple products that are easily available at the supermarkets like canned prepared foods (beans, garbanzos, one-pot dishes, microwave-ready food etc.) and frozen items (milk, butter, bread, meat etc) so I stocked them in the freezer for emergencies. Some online website like also offer discounts on the stores of frozen meals and this way I got plenty of options whenever I am getting late. Plus, I saved my bucks on future meals.

  • Cook Some Extra Dishes

I tried to prep some extra dishes to refrigerate at the weekend (but not every weekend, only when I get time). This saved my cooking effort for hectic start of the week that I just grab and go. Moreover, when I planned to prepare something time taking, I managed them on weekends. Note that the food has to be stored at room temperature so I done this work in the morning and spread that over the baking sheets to chill them (you can also use paper towels or butter papers for the purpose). After that I stored in the containers to keep them fresh and nutritious.

  • Make Bulks

As I found tomatoes at the cheap price so I took 5-6 kgs and prepared the tomato sauce and stored it in ice cubes tray in the freezer. I found it too convenient that I started to make ice cubes of lemon juice, garlic pastes, broths etc. Thankfully, it not only saved my time but money also.

Don’t Underestimate the Frozen Veggies

It is a myth that veggies got rotten when frozen. I packed it only when they are completely dried out. So avail the weekend and cut the veggies for the whole week. Make sure that you must be skillful in cutting and you don’t need to put extra efforts and time in cutting veggie bulks as I don’t find it difficult to cut veggies bulk. Also, consider the quality of your knives and cutting boards.

Let’s Cook

As I’ve done most of the things at the weekend so I am not worried as I enter the kitchen on the weekdays. Before starting to prepare the food I usually look out the refrigerator to see if there’s some leftover, if it’s there in good condition, it’s better to use them for today also. But if I have to cook something fresh, I usually seek to save my time more. For that, I took out all the ingredients and place them on the counter so that I may pick it as per the requirement. I found that this way is more convenient and time saving.

How do you find these tips? If you think that they’re helpful, try them out and spend less time in the kitchen while cooking in the workdays.

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