Planning For An Event? Here The Things You Need To Know When Hiring Event Staff

When it comes to event planning, some things might be difficult to handle; that is why party or event staff are there to make your event-life easier. They will help keep the flow of the event smooth and sustain the fun. However, you need to know that the success of the event considerably depends on the event staff you hire.

So from making the initial inquiry to working with them as part of the team,  here are some helpful tips and ideas for anyone hiring temporary staff to ensure guests will have a blast at the event.

Know your needs

You need to figure out what you need as there are different kinds of event or party staff you can hire, ranging from bartenders to food-runners. Right before contacting a staffing agency, consider what roles the staff will be fulfilling and the skills they will need. By doing this, you and your staff provider can select the best ones suited to your needs.

Don’t be shy about being specific

Concerning the first point, some requests may seem like odd requests for you, but it is very likely staffing agencies won’t find it odd as they actually have had similar requests before. From staff professionalism requests to even more specific requests of male or female, brunette, multilingual-speaking staff, or your desire to hire topless waitresses and waiters, there should always be a way that the staffing agency can give you exactly what you want.

It is normal that they will ask questions

Typically, service style and operational ideas vary from one event to another, and it is normal for staff members to have the necessary guidance when it comes to how you would want things to be done. Though being asked with many questions can be quite annoying, it is all for a good reason. Staff simply want to complete all of their duties in line with your expectations.

A good attitude goes a long way

This one is essential. Keep in mind that skills can be trained, but you can’t train attitude. Choose someone with good work ethics and with a positive, can-do attitude as they are usually the ones who end up being the best workers.

Remember to treat them well

Although this one is a ‘common sense’ to do, unfortunately, it is something that is often neglected. Keep in mind that the event staff will be part of your team to help you run the event successfully, so you should treat each one of them fairly and with respect. Remember, if staff find that working with you is a positive experience, they are likely to perform well and would love to return to work with you again in the future.

All people are different

Everyone is different, so are the event staff. It’s never good to expect the same from every staff member as they all have different strengths and weaknesses. It is a good idea to get to know them, and you can do this by simply asking them what their experiences are and what they’re good at. Then you can assign them to where they can work to their strengths and get the best out of the team.

Know about legalities

You need to be familiar with some regulations that come with hiring event staff. An example is the entitlement of the staff for break times. It’s essential that you are aware of the related rules and regulations and that you need to adhere to them.