Navigating a Slip and Fall Injury Experience While Working with Experienced Lawyers

Your grandmother suddenly slipped and fell over a crack in the pavement on the way to her Lincoln car as she was heading to the grocery store and then to her weekly doctor’s appointment. It was not a nice landing, especially not for a woman of eighty five years old. Unfortunately, she want not able to lift herself without the assistance of the ambulance. Fortunately, she did have an emergency beeper attached to her at all times should anything like this happen. Therefore, she was able to get ahold of emergency contacts quickly. It was a horrible accident that hurt her spinal cord beyond what she had originally thought when she felt the pain of the fall. Therefore, there are a lot of medical bills that are piling up from the care from the initial fall through the ongoing medicines and physical therapy that she must now endure. This is a very unfortunate and costly, both financially and physically, accident. She must do something for justice to be had in the scenario, so you suggest Michael Kelly, slip and fall lawyers that are excellent in what they do.

In this case and many similar cases, one may fail to realize the severity that slip and fall accidents can have. It is also important to note that most could have been prevented, either by the individual or the property owners. It is critical to realize one’s own benefits when such an unfortunate accident occurs.

Experienced Lawyers

Surprisingly, slip and fall injuries have topped the spinal cord injury category for seniors. It has even surpassed that of car accidents in this age group. It continues to increase in injury percentages year by year. Some may believe that premise liability includes only slip and fall injuries due to lack of keeping up on important grounds safety measures, but it can also include food that has gone bad, elevator safety issues, lack of security, or ice and snow removal lacks to name a few. Because it is a legal obligation for property owners to have the property area free of snow and ice, many can be sued if lack of such precautions have been applied. Sometimes it is important to consider the multiple factors that could be included in a claim. If one was hurt while working because of a handicapped door that malfunctioned, one may benefit from workers’ compensation, premises liability, and product liability. The premises may not have kept up with the proper safety and upkeep of that kind of door and the manufacturer may have had some sort of defect as well.

Depending on where the accident occurred could determine how fast one must file a claim. Private property must be filed within two years of the injury and public property is within one year. Because of the complex issues that surround and slip and fall claim, it is very important to find legal advice that can help decipher and determine the benefits that could be sought after.

When a slip and fall accident happens, one should not hesitate to take proper action. With some legal advice, one might know exactly what that might entail. Timeliness and wisdom are key matters when it comes to these types of scenarios.