Hair Extensions – All Time Favorite among Celebrities and Common Ladies

Hair extensions have become popular among celebrities and common ladies, but they are still not widely accepted. What’s the difference? There are a lot of misconceptions about hair extensions and most people believe that they’re unsafe, or too expensive to maintain. This article will show you that all these opinions are false, and help you decide if hair extensions fort Lauderdale are for you.

Types of hair extensions

There are many types of hair extensions on the market; they all have different prices, qualities and sizes. Thus, what you pay really depends on the quality of your extensions. The most common types are:


This type is actually 100% real human hair, which is cut and sewn into your own hair. The length of your hair should match the extensions in order for them to blend in well with your existing hair.


Cup-head is a weave of human hair and synthetic hair. The synthetic hair is added to the base, then bonded by a special glue that holds them together. Once the glue has set up, the stylist cuts and trims your hair to shape it into a small cup, like on your head. That way you can actually fit more extensions in your own hair without worrying about the “top” looking too messy and clumpy (those are the only real potential problems with those wigs).

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This is a weave that has a base of human hair, but the base is covered by synthetic hair directly above it, usually with a bandage method or pin lace tape. This means your top hairline will be clean, true and solid – no wisps or vacuuming needed!  If you want to add more than one, the weft can be connected all the way to the scalp (as long as you want that extra length).

Brazilian/Japanese Wigs

These wigs are permanent and last for up to two years, but are generally only about two inches in diameter at the top. They are offered in a wide range of styles and colors, but they have a tendency to look kinda unnatural. They are not inexpensive; they are generally at least 1,000 and up to 2,000 dollars. So, it’s best to consider them as a last resort if you can’t afford real hair extensions.  Top-layer wigs usually require a special glue to bond the synthetic hair in the base with your own hair; some wigs can be washed and can go for up to three months before needing another glue job.