Bring the Right Air Conditioner This Summer – Know All About Tonnage, COP, And More!

After record breaking winters in India this year, the weather predictors are pretty sure that the heat will also set its new benchmark. As it is said, prevention is better than cure, the same holds true even for the ACs!

Air Conditioners are the real saviours from scorching heat. So, to all those looking to find out some better piece of tech to feel comfy at your house, this article is worth your shot!

How does AC work?

Mostly we have a misconception that ACs give some cool air from inside. Reality comes with the other side of your imagination. It actually collects air from your room (that’s hot!), passes it through its evaporator and then gives it back in your room. So, it’s more of conversion phenomena. Now, the technology expansion in today’s era comes in with the Inverter Technology.

With the inverter tech included in your AC, you can save up to 30 – 50% on the electricity bills. Basically, inverters are a cool tech to define in short, but AC isn’t just confined to the money aspect while buying, so here are some other aspects to be considered while purchasing an AC.


Don’t forget the Stars

All things have a value for its price, same applies in this case as well with 5 stars AC. Though it costs more, its efficiency will leave you awestruck as compared to that of 1 star. To ask about its prominence, Voltas air conditioners are best for its price, with the latest tech instilled with its benchmark name, you surely will consider it worth its price. You can even check the prices on top product comparison websites like to get in the best deals. Also, read the reviews of the product before purchasing one.

Size factor

Many people have come up with the dilemma about how a “Ton” weighed machine could be hanging up on the walls with some perky nuts and screws. Well, when you hear about 1 ton or 1.5 ton in terms of air conditioners, it does not define its weight. “Ton” refers to the amount of heat removed by the machine in one hour.

Now, coming to the point, there is no real answer to the question, “which size should be chosen?” It is dependent on some factors listed below –

  • Size of your room
  • Geographical conditions
  • How many people are using the room? etc.


To learn about efficiency, the following terms are to be kept in mind –

  • Energy Efficient Ratio (EER)

EER = the heat removed in an hour / consumed power

Now, in simple language, higher the AC removes the air in an hour, better is its performance. Therefore, the more is the EER, more is the efficiency.

  • Co-efficient of Performance (COP)

Just like EER, COP also shows efficiency. Plus, its increment indicates increased efficiency of AC.

After reading the above article, you are surely going to pick up the right AC for you.