Available Treatment Options for Fibroids

A fibroid is that dreadful condition that makes you sleepless during your periods. The pain can be devastating, with little to no remedy from your end. Fibroids can disrupt your daily activities and sometimes push you to extremes that you have to lie down all day doing nothing. You may also become reluctant to go out, especially with friends when you have fibroids. If you have fibroids in Houston, TX get rid of the pain today by having a session at Alate Health Clinic. Medical experts can help reduce the effects of the condition on you.

Fibroids 101

Uterine fibroids increase the adverse symptoms of your monthly periods. Every time the date approaches, you dread the excruciating pain. Additionally, fibroids come with heavy bleeding during your monthly period making you self-conscious of an accident to come when at work or in a group of many people.

Women dread a visit to a health center due to invasive surgeries involved in the removal of fibroids. Consequently, traditional medicines offer few options in treating fibroids. However, new methods exist that have little impact on your physical state. Non-evasive methods have come up to help you get rid of fibroids without extensive surgeries.


Treatment Options Available for Fibroids

Alate health offers many options for the treatment of fibroids. You will benefit from alternative treatments to Hysterectomy and myomectomy. If you are not fully ready for surgical procedures, your doctor will offer Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). A treatment that takes only 45 minutes at most to help you avoid the pain and self-conscious effects of fibroids. Additionally, the treatment will reduce the symptoms of fibroids to take you back to your healthy days.

Who should consider treatment for fibroids?

Up to 20%-50% of all women develop fibroids in their lifetime, especially during the reproductive ages. You do not need treatment for mild forms of fibroids; however, the ones that cause you many discomforts need attention from your doctor. Fibroids, when left without the attention of your doctor for long, can lead to other dangerous health situations.

Fibroids can lead to embarrassment when in a group with your friends during your periods. Additionally, an extreme form of the disease can increase your susceptibility to anemia. You can also hurt other organs near your productive system when you fail to seek treatments for fibroids early enough. An accumulation of tumors can put a lot of pressure on organs nearby making you uncomfortable and a frequent visitor to restrooms. The dreaded symptom of fibroids is miscarriages and sometimes infertility.

Does Fibroid treatment affect pregnancy?

Alate health offers Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) in place of traditional surgeries. After the procedure, your fertility can remain similar to that of other women. However, after the procedure, you must talk to your doctor to give the available options if you want to get pregnant.

Return your life to normal with medical procedures from Alate health that will reduce the level of fibroids in your system. The treatment offered is less invasive and faster to perform than other available options in the market. Reach the facility through a phone call or an online session for inquiries and treatments.