5 Signs That Show You Need a New Furnace

Every machine no matter which does come with its own life after which it starts becoming somewhat of a liability. These machines then do either need a complete repair and or in the worst case require to be replaced by a newer version. One such machine is a home furnace. A home furnace is one of the commonly used heating devices present in numerous homes the role of which is to maintain a warm and comfortable atmosphere throughout the house.

However, after a decade of use this device may start performing poorly and may ask for numerous repair and maintenance work. It is at this point in time you may begin to realize that the investment you made 10 years before is now providing you with negative returns. So what to do? Well, the solution is simple, hit the market and get yourself a new one.

Today we are going to tell you 5 ways in which you can save money on maintenance and identify that your home furnace does need a replacement.

  1. It Has Started Making Strange Sounds.

After years of use, the parts of a furnace start corroding and this is evident from the fact that it starts making strange noises. If every time you are near this heating equipment and you hear a squeaking, banging sounds then it sure is a sign that you need a new home furnace. According to numerous analysis, heating bills form 30% of your total annual electricity bills and we think you wouldn’t want a poor performing furnace to further add to this cost.

  1. It Has Started Demanding Repairs

If a furnace technician has become somewhat of a family friend thanks to his numerous visits to your place, it is a sign that you require a new furnace. People may avoid buying a new home furnace as it seems a lot to invest, but what they fail to realize is that repeated maintenance and repair cost will cause them to spend even higher. Also once the furnace stops working completely you anyhow will require buying a new one after spending thousands on its repairs previously.

  1. Non-Uniform Temperatures

Do you find some rooms cooler than the others despite the furnace switched on? Are you constantly moving around your thermostat trying to achieve the ideal room temperature? Well, this and any similar thing is a sign that your furnace does need an immediate replacement. According to U.S Department of Energy, a furnace which is more than 15 years old has its efficiency reduced by up to 40 percent and therefore will cost you about $30 more per month on your heating bills. Getting a new furnace with near perfect efficiency will guarantee you more savings on your bill while at the same time leaving your home warm and cozy as it should be.

  1. Dryness Within Homes

Do you find your wall paint peeling off? Or do you feel a bit dry atmosphere inside your home?Well, then it is also a sign that your home furnace needs an immediate repair. After working for a year, home furnace begins to lose the quality and hence sufficient amount of moisture cannot be generated within the home. There is more dust attracted into rooms and the room paint begins to dry and peel off from the walls. This situation might become particularly harmful for people who are allergic to pollens and or dust

  1. Uneasiness Within Home

Over the years the duct of your furnace starts to wear off and as a result, cracks develop on the surface. These cracks directly supply carbon monoxide gas to your home or room which causes headaches and nausea. If not dealt with properly, a carbon monoxide gas can deadly for the people exposed to it for aprolonged period of time.

So look out of these 5 signs in your furnace if you wish to know when the time for it to be replaced is. In any case get your home furnace servicedregularly and after 10-15 years of use replace it with a new one.