5 Crucial Aspects to Remember When Running E-commerce Business Ads on Instagram!

Starting a standalone online store is now just enough now, but to gain some real business through it, one needs to focus on digital marketing and social media marketing strategically. Compared to the promotion of an existing corporate brand, marketing a new brand or new products is the different territory. We may hear people talking about Facebook Ads and Instagram influencer marketing, but doing it successfully is a real challenge.

Even though Instagram is the little brother of Facebook now, it offers a different type of opportunity in social media marketing. If managed well, Instagram possesses the scope of generating a sizable amount of organic Instagram followers. You can build a tribe and engage with ads to ultimately get converted as customers.

Handling Instagram Ads

Even though there are a lot of businesses now using Instagram for organic traffic, many of them still don’t realize how to handle the advertising part. Here are five things hard learned through trial and error for the businesses to understand about Instagram ads.

  1. Similar to Facebook ads, there is a scope of targeting specific ads on Instagram too

As most of the accounts on Instagram are linked together, it is possible to find target people now to promote your ads regarding their geographical location, age group, social status, interests, and online activities. This will give you more flexibility in designing the most target specific ads and get more real Instagram followers.

  1. You can individually target people

Along with broader targeting to get new prospective leads as above, you can now even target people who engage or interact with your Instagram profile. You can select those who watch a video you put or people who interacted with your content. This is an excellent opportunity to take the brand awareness initiative to the next level and drag them one step closer to conversion.

  1. Multiple placements of ads

With the introduction of the latest feature as Instagram stories, you can advertise on time when people tend to catch up on your stories. At present, the primary objective you may be able to choose while publishing is the Reach. These ad campaigns are ideal for spared brand awareness. Even though these may not be optimized for the Web Conversions, Website Clicks, etc., it is a great place to start with.

  1. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is an exciting way to re-engage those people who once considered, but aborted their cart before making the final payment. You may see many of such retargeting ads on Facebook, but there is only a few who knows that the same feature is there for Instagram ads too. By installing your pixel correctly on the site, you can show people retargeting ads.

  1. Ensuring proper tracking URLs for Instagram ad landing page

On doing e-commerce promotions through Instagram ads, you may be apparently trying to drive traffic to a specific landing page or product page on your website. So, it is essential to proper tracking URL for the landing page not only to drive the users correctly but also for you to understand the cost-effectiveness of the Instagram ads you initiated.

It is a fact that online advertising keeps on changing day by day, especially when it comes to the social networking platforms, which flourishes with new features and functions consistently. Hope these Instagram tips helped and we will come up with further inputs in this ongoing series or articles.