4 Reasons Why You Should Include Glass Office Partitions in Your Office Fit out

There are three main types of partition walls on the market for office fit outs in Melbourne: plaster partitions, half plaster / half glass partitions, and full glass partitions. But if you’re carrying out office fitouts in Melbourne, how do you choose which one will best suit your office environment? Well, it helps to know about the advantages of the different kinds of partitions. This article will discuss the benefits of using glass office partitions to designate different areas in the work environment.

They Look Good

Glass partitions are currently very popular as they’re quite versatile, often with the ability to suit most decor and office types. They have a modern look that lets light travel through the office, which can create a fresher, more airy feel. If you need privacy from your partitions, you can do this with glass by choosing frosted or etched design. You can even add branding to your glass partitions with a company logo. On another note, glass is transparent, and there’s something reassuring about transparency in business. Furnishings can say a lot metaphorically about a company, and glass in particular can emphasis the trust able nature of a business, showing that they have nothing to hide.


They Let In More Light

Lack of light can be a huge issue in some office fitouts in Melbourne. That’s why glass partitions are so useful. They add privacy, section off areas for separate functions, and still allow light to pass through into different areas of the office. Natural light is the best kind of light to have in the office. It saves on electrical lighting and it naturally helps people to stay alert and awake.

Allowing more natural light into the office can be achieved with the use of full glass partitions. There’s no easier way of creating a spacious, well-lit environment. Why re-create the wheel with an over-use of electric lighting when you can make the most of the sun?

They’re Durable & Easy to Maintain

Glass partitions are quite thick and make durable walls and doors for offices. With glass, you won’t have to spend time and money on maintenance, as there’s no paint to get nicked or places to leave scuff marks. While fingerprints can be left on glass, that’s nothing that a quick spray and wipe won’t fix.

Frosted Options Allow for Privacy

This has been mentioned briefly above, but it is well worth repeating. It’s 100% possible to install glass partitions in office fit outs in Melbourne that provide you with privacy when you need it. All you need to do is ask for frosting on your glass partitions. You could have the whole partition frosted, or just the bottom half of it frosted for some degree of privacy. Glass partitions with frosting provide a viable and attractive alternative to full plaster partitions that can contribute to a dark and dingy workplace. Choose glass partitions to maintain privacy while still allowing light to permeate the office.