Taking the double marker test- a lowdown

A double marker test is a vital test which is majorly taken by women who are pregnant in order to ascertain any malformation (chromosomal) for the foetus. This test also helps in identifying neurological issues for the foetus including Edward’s or Down’s Syndrome among others. There are several abnormal conditions which may lead to deformities and health issues after the birth of the child. However, these are rare instances. The double marker test is mostly applicable for those women who are more than 35 years in age and also those who have a family legacy of any birth defects or type 1 diabetes.

Key factors behind the double marker test

Here are some of the core aspects of the double marker test-

  • This blood test is quite simple and will not need you to prepare beforehand.
  • The doctor should be informed clearly about medication being taken before the test is being taken, in order to provide the appropriate medical care.
  • The test helps in analysing whether any mental risks are there for the foetus and also Down’s syndrome in most cases.
  • The test also helps in identification of Trisomy 18 which leads to birth defects and other mental issues.
  • Trisomy 21.T detection is also possible with this test leading to heart and mental issues.
  • The process is basically carried out through ultra-sound testing and blood samples. There are two markers sought which are PAPP (Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein)- A and Free Beta hCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin.
  • The latter is a glycoprotein hormone made by the placenta in the time of pregnancy. The higher level indicates a higher Trisomy 18 and Down’s Syndrome risk. The former is a plasma protein, lower levels of which indicate higher risks of Down’s Syndrome.
  • The results are classified into high risk, screen positive and screen negative.


Is a double marker test beneficial?

The double marker test is usually carried out in order to detect any chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus beforehand. It has a high accuracy rate and usually is quite often recommended. A double marker test

 Gives you an early start on taking the required a precautions if an abnormality is detected. The tests allows the doctor time to assess and keep the abnormality under control and prescribe the necessary procedures.

In many cases, if any neurological anomaly is detected, the patient can choose to terminate the pregnancy in an earlier stage. 

Other vital information about the test

25700-288000 mIU/ml is the value in normal cases for pregnant women (hCG) across ages and the test normal value for the PAPP-A is usually 1 MoM for women across diverse ages. This is a crucial screening test during pregnancy to ascertain whether the foetus is developing in a healthy way without any issues. This is a crucial test as a result.

The test will be held with a blood sample that you can give from home itself and hence you do not have to endure long hours at any hospital/clinic during pregnancy. In fact you can also sought out online counselling to seek guidance pre guidance. You can easily get your blood sample collected courtesy Portea Medical Home Services. The phlebotomist will be taking the sample at your convenience and then post testing, the result will be available for you to view online. There are trained healthcare practitioners and professionals who take care of all your testing needs including the double marker test. You can call or logon to the website for more information in this regard. This is a useful test that you should definitely get done if you are pregnant in order to identify issues plaguing your unborn baby and get them fixed at the earliest.