Find an Online Therapist – What to Consider Before You Commit

Thanks to the advancements in the field of technology, people are nowadays able to connect with each other online. Many old-school industries have been disrupted with new technology. Law, accounting, and even tobacco. The emergence of JUUL is just one of many examples of how technology has impacted an industry hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of years old. Another long-standing industry which has been impacted is therapy/counseling. The emergence of online therapy providers such as 7 Cups of Tea, Betterhelp and Talkspace, among many others, have started only a few years ago.It’s been a few years now and online therapy has already shown to help manage people’s mental health issues. As such, this has forced individual therapists with private offline practices to “go online.” Now, you can find any therapist at the click of your mouse. Online therapist directories like provide a large list of therapists in various cities and states across the United States. In addition to these directories, this new technology has forced therapists to become even more create in their marketing strategies. Apart from these online therapy sources, you can also find the best therapists simply by word of mouth– from your friends and family members who may have been encouraged by their therapist to help spread their name around town, and how they are using the latest technology to provide counseling services.

That said, before you seek help of an online therapist, there are a few things that you need to know so that you’re both mentally and financially ready to seek the help of a therapist. Remember, this therapist is practically a stranger to you. Nevertheless, the fact that you’re not going to sit in front of a therapist is something to keep in mind for all those who hesitate to share their lives with anyone they don’t know. So, let’s check out some points.

Are you sure about what you wish to work on?

Clients don’t get any diagnosis until they attend their first session but there are definitely different ways in which you can conjure up ideas beforehand. Try to research the symptoms or the challenges from which you’re struggling. In case this seems to be depression, you should seek help of a therapist who specializes in depression. If you are suffering from emotional breakdown post-divorce, hire a therapist who can help you cope with such challenges.

Know about the frequency and length of sessions

The majority of therapy sessions run for roughly an hour, but you might wish to finish the session either in slightly less time or more. There are even clients who meet twice or three times in a week, or perhaps even once a month. There are even mobile apps like the aforementioned Talkspace which let a client get in touch with a therapist whenever they wish to, and they even charge you a cheaper amount.

Are you aware of the costs of online therapy?

Traditional therapy usually tends to cost somewhere between $100 and $400 for every session. Online therapy, however,is more cost-effective, at a nominal rate of roughly $50per week on average. When you use an online therapy service or online therapist, it will likely fit within your budget; you’ve got to think of it as a monthly item expense like internet or electricity.

So, if you’re someone who is not sure about how you can seek help of an online therapist, keep in mind the points enlisted in this post. Good luck!