You Need to Know the Correct Procedure to Claim Flight Cancellation UK

If you are going somewhere by flight and your flight got delayed or cancelled in that case you have a right to claim according to flight delay compensation. In this blog we will discuss about flight delays and explain the situations in which you are entitled to claim. First of all, it may vary airline to airline which airline gives how much compensation. Each airline has their own policy to handle flight delays or flight cancellation so; you need to check with your airline what procedure it is asking to initiate the claim procedure.  State your problem what you want in terms of reimbursement or compensation and you will get your claim after the flight cancellation UK.

You will be compensated after the Flight Cancellation UK

If your flight get delays by more than 3 hours or cancelled in the 7 days leading up to your departure, in that case you have the right to claim a full refund, additionally your connecting flight from the destination that will not be used in the same booking.  If your flight is delayed overnight and flight cancellation UK, the airline will provide you the accommodation and travel between hotel and airport

How much can I claim for Flight Delays and Cancellation?

The amount which you are entitled for flight delays and cancellation it depends according to the length of the delay and the travelling distance.  According to EC rules and regulations, passenger will be compensated for both the travel inconveniences and lost time. However, the compensation amount will be between 250 to 600 Euros whether you have paid 1000 or 50 as air tickets.

There are some circumstances and technical faults as well:

In the case of extraordinary situations which are completely out of control airlines will not be expected to compensate passengers if the delays are caused by crew strike or bad weather.

Even, when such issues arise in that case airlines owe a responsibility to take care their stranded passengers. Most of the times the airlines make excuses of technical faults in order not to compensate their passengers. Airlines always should be ready for any mechanical problem because many airlines do not able to claim their passengers under the minor technical problem.

In the case of natural disasters flight can face the large wide spread destruction.

For example, in 2017, there was large wide spread destruction in Brisbane all domestic flights had been canceled and international flights were diverted to Sydney. Drivers around the city were affected and the passengers faced so many challenges because of the fog wreaked havoc.

Legal procedure for flight delays and cancellation

In case of flight delays and cancellation, according to EC regulation number 261/2004 the passenger will be provided the legal basis by EC regulation number 261/2004. The main aim of the regulation is to provide the customer satisfaction and they should be recovered what they have lost while facing the inconvenience due to the flight cancellation.