Wrongful Death Case that Made the 2016 Headlines

Accidents happen all the time. Some are preventable and others are beyond our control. In a wrongful death suit, the proof of burden lies in establishing that the death or injury was a direct result of deliberate or accidental negligence. There is a statute of limitation on how much time can pass before a death suit is filed. These types of cases must meet several requirements. One is that death or injury was caused by the actions of the other party. Also, the result of the wrongful death must cause a great emotional and financial loss to the family of the deceased.

If the deceased has no family, then an administrator is appointed to file a wrongful death suit against the other party. At this point, you should have already retained an attorney to help you with all the legal procedures in a wrongful death suit. The loss of a loved one is traumatic enough without all the legal precedents. Situations such as this can spiral out of control. With our legal team, your rights and the rights of the deceased can be protected.

The loss of a loved one is invaluable. Attorneys who specialize in personal injury want to make sure the jury can understand the pain and suffering experienced by the survivors. You’ll want to be sure to get an attorney who understands what you’ve been going through. Page Law helps families receive compensation due to purposeful or accidental wrongful deaths situations.

Wrongful Death Case

The proven expertise and extensive knowledge of a wrongful death attorney will come in as a big help for you to obtain a reasonable amount of compensation for the death of your loved one. Factors such as medical fees paid or accrued while a loved one was still confined in the hospital, loss of income which they could have earned had they not died, and funeral expenses that were incurred after the died are some of the things your wrongful death lawyer will consider to determine the just amount of your compensation claim.

If the deceased never had a job or was elderly and retired, you may still qualify to file a claim. Regardless of whether the departed had a job, you can still bring a suit against the other party because of the loss of contributions the loved one made to the family. The court can also consider the age of the deceased. If they are elderly, the family may receive a smaller amount. In these circumstances, it would be best to consult a wrongful death lawyer to answer your questions regarding a suit. This will help ensure that your legal needs are protected when filing a wrongful death suit.

Fortunately, there is no need to delay because Page Law is ready to hear your case. Many times, cases can be settled outside of court but it depends on how soon you contact an attorney.