With Illuminated Advertising You Can Make Your Brand And Company Shine

You are very likely one of the approximately 145,000 people who try to find out more about the widespread illuminated advertising by entering the word ‘neon advertising’ into a search engine every year. Sketch and Etch are definitely on the track of the right trend, because illuminated advertising has meanwhile become an elementary segment in advertising technology. With neon advertising you can impressively present your company thanks to the clarity and brightness it gives it and make it visible to everyone at any time of the day. Whether with an illuminated display, neon systems or individual letters – with innovative illuminated advertising you can set striking highlights in the name of your brand and stand out from the crowd.

Neon advertising is very versatile and offers the opportunity for every industry to advertise individually day and night. Whether neon, eco-light or LED technology, there are many options to illuminate your advertising effectively. LED illuminated advertising in particular has greatly changed illuminated advertising and has now become an integral part of advertising systems. For good reasons: LED modules are characterized by high energy efficiency as well as considerable longevity and optimum light output. Filigree special constructions and fine fonts can also be optimally implemented with LED modules.

Sketch and Etch

Put Your Company In The Right Light Too

As you can see, there is hardly anything in illuminated advertising that cannot be implemented according to your needs and ideas. Make use of the possibilities, because posters and placards are also a possibility of advertising, but due to their almost inflationary use, they hardly catch the people on the streets. With illuminated advertising, you really have the chance to be noticed and, in combination with other advertising media, such as folding tents or flags, to present your advertising message in a very individual way. At best, you should contact a professional advertising agency who will give you professional advice and professionally implement your expectations.

Different Types Of Neon Sign

There are various criteria according to which you should orient yourself when choosing illuminated advertising for your company. Since it is now even possible to produce fine and curved lettering in modern LED technology, there are hardly any limits to your creative freedom. However, if you want to show off more than just your company logo in the context of an illuminated advertisement, illuminated signs made of aluminum or acrylic glass are ideal. With the options in the design of your individual illuminated advertising, there are hardly any wishes left unfulfilled. In the case of very large formats, weatherproof stretched sheets are often made, which emit a bundled luminosity. This form of neon advertising is particularly effective because illuminated signs attract a high level of attention and can be used almost universally. With advertising towers, on the other hand, you are even free in the design of the material and the shape, with which you can create a really unique neon sign.