Why You Should See An Endodontist

Do you have recurrent dental health issues making it challenging to achieve that bright smile or eat well? Worry not, as you can always ask your dentists to refer you to an endodontist who specializes in addressing root and pulp dental issues. You can see an endodontist who can help you solve almost all of your discomfort and preserve tooth function. You should look for a Midtown board-certified endodontist who can perform surgeries that heal the root canal. Read on to understand why you should see an endodontist.

They Are Dental Specialists

Unlike regulator dentists, endodontists have completed additional schooling on handling different dental procedures and are more knowledgeable. However, it could be better to see a dentist first who might refer you to an endodontist if the dental issue is severe. Their training involves the diagnosis of root canal issues and chronic root pain. Furthermore, they perform procedures inside a tooth, and they can be termed as experts who save your teeth.

They Can Conduct Routine Root Canal Inspection

Since they are experts, they can conduct regular root canal inspections and perform surgeries that correct traumatic dental procedures. They have more experience in dealing with root canal issues and would help solve dental problems.

They Manage Pain Adequately

A large part of their activities includes managing chronic root canal pain; thus, they are experts in dealing with chronic pain. They will correct different issues and help patients who have problems staying numb as they will know how to deal with the patients well.

They Use Advanced Technology

Endodontists use technology that digitally images the teeth through 3-D imaging to obtain information about the internal structures and infections. They will develop a treatment plan and isolate the affected tooth from the rest of the teeth. They also use dental operating microscopes that view extremely tiny root canals.

You will Get the Best Treatment Outcomes

An endodontist will give you the best treatment outcomes as they have extensive experience in using technology to treat different dental issues. The treatment results in no trauma for the teeth and surrounding oral features. The form of treatment leads to less recovery time, decreased infection, and other post-treatment complications. They are most likely to remove the bacteria from the mouth pulp and root canal altogether. The treatment will reduce the chances of subsequent root canal treatments.

When to See an Endodontist

Your dentists might refer you to an endodontist if you have persistent root canal pain or an injury to the tooth. Even if you feel good with regular dentist visits, it could help to see an endodontist once a year as they can conduct advanced diagnosis, give enhanced results, treat the illness, and ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Final Thoughts

Endodontists are specialist doctors who are highly skilled and can manage chronic root and pulp pain effectively. They are trained to use better technology to diagnose the pain and infection in the pulp and root canal. While you might not look forward to endodontic treatment, it is wise to see an expert when suffering from serious root canal issues. An endodontist will ensure that you get the best treatment and experience when treating such issues, and it could be better to ask your dentist for recommendations.