Why You Should Have Your Dog’s DNA Tested

DNA testing has become more accessible in today’s world. You can easily order a test online, take your DNA using the tools sent to you, and then send it back to the company you ordered your DNA test from. After that, you will receive your results within a few days. The same goes for your pets, especially your dogs. If your dog is a mixed breed and you want to know more about its DNA, Orivet is the answer. They also offer DNA tests for cats. Veterinarians and pet owners can benefit from testing your pet’s DNA. Learn more here.

The Benefits of DNA Tests for Your Dogs

Thanks to many technological advancements, you can easily unlock the mysteries behind their breed. Let’s learn more about its benefits here.

Knowing & Understanding the Potential Health Risks Your Dog May Have

The first benefit of getting your dog DNA tested is that it allows you and your veterinarian to know the potential health problems they may have. If they’re a mixed breed, it’s better for you to be aware of the health risks they might have in the future. It will help you become better prepared since you are already aware of what they may have when they grow old. Plus, your veterinarian can advise you on what to do to prevent these health problems from happening. It’s the first thing DNA tests will give you.


It Allows You to Know Their Breed

DNA tests for dogs come in two classifications. The first one is already discussed above, which is knowing their potential health problems. And the second one is to identify their breed. If you’re curious about their breed, especially for cross-breeds or mixed breeds, it’s best to purchase a DNA test for them. You may get curious and want to know how they got those strong and long legs despite having the mannerisms of a small puppy. So in times like these, DNA tests are a solution that will give you all the answers you want.

Great for Breeders

If you’re a breeder, providing DNA tests of the dogs you’re about to sell is a plus for your buyers. It makes screening easier and gives your buyers peace of mind knowing that the dog they’re about to adopt is purebred. You can also provide the full breed profile of the parents to the buyers, which gives them more idea regarding the future of their puppy. It allows them to make healthy lifestyle choices that the puppy will need to have a happy and long life. DNA tests for dogs are an excellent option for fur-parents, breeders, and veterinarians alike.

Know More About Your Pet

If you want to get to know your pets more, you can grab a DNA test from Orivet. There are many choices to check out, and it depends on what you want to know.