Why You Should Choose Ketamine Infusion Therapy

If you have ever experienced any debilitating or chronic condition, you have probably come across many medications as you try to get better. You will get recommendations of drugs that claim to cure you or others that merely calm your symptoms. Ketamine has proved to be quite useful in providing a treatment option for dealing with chronic conditions. At Boston MindCare, PC, you get access to skilled anesthesiologists who specialize in ketamine therapy to help you get through the condition you are dealing with.

While ketamine has a shady history due to its abuse as a club drug, it represents one of the most significant breakthroughs in treating severe depression. So, why is ketamine so promising yet potentially harmful? It all comes down to how it affects the brain. It works so quickly by temporarily taking over a specific chemical receptor in the brain. When managed by a medical specialist, it is a good thing, but it can be undesirable if taken for other purposes. So why opt for ketamine infusion therapy? Take a look!

Rapid Relief

When you receive an infusion of ketamine, you experience relief from your symptoms within hours after the treatment. In many cases, it takes two to four hours. You notice a significant improvement in your mental state within a day. After the infusion, patients experience elevated mood, improved concentration, self-esteem, enhanced appetite, sleep, and sexual desire. Someone with suicidal thoughts may notice the thoughts disappear once they try out ketamine infusion therapy.

It is Unconventional Medicine

Ketamine is useful in dealing with depression, but that is not the only use. It has been used in treating OCD and has shown miraculous signs of improvement in some patients. It has rapid effects and is an excellent choice for an anesthetic, especially in chronic pain.

It is Safe and Effective

Ketamine has been used as an anesthetic for decades. The good thing with ketamine is that it does not slow vital bodily functions, as is the case with other anesthetics. When infused, things like your heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate may slightly increase, but remain stable. What is more, if you receive help from a reputable provider, the ketamine infusions are administered moderately. Usually, the patient receives one-tenth of the dosage used for anesthesia. While many studies show the side effects of ketamine, the results are better than those of the standard antidepressants when used under an anesthesiologist’s supervision.

High Success Rate

Studies have shown that 70% of people respond to ketamine infusions. The success rate is relatively high when compared with other options in the field. Even better, it works faster and gives patients the relief they desperately need.

With medical science advancements, studies continue to be carried out to find out how effective ketamine is. Its potential is quite promising, and it is no surprise that most physicians are turning to it to cure mental health conditions and chronic pain. If you are dealing with severe depression or anxiety, you do not have to go through the trouble when you can take advantage of ketamine infusion therapy.