Why white spots appear on the teeth

The appearance of white spots on the teeth can be related to many different factors and it is convenient to know which are to subsequently start the appropriate treatment that helps to have a beautiful dental aesthetic. This type of injury can be due to the affliction of affections in childhood to excessive consumption of fluoride, demineralization of the teeth or the presence of caries. Your treatment will be one or the other depending on what is the underlying factor or problem, so the dentist must first find the exact cause and then establish an accurate diagnosis. If you want to answer the question of why white spots appear on your teeth, pay attention to out article in which we explain it in detail.

Elevated fever during tooth formation

The white spots on the teeth of the baby may be due in some cases to the suffering of certain diseases that can cause high fever in the child during the process of tooth formation.

Dental enamel usually begins to form when the baby is about 8 months old and during this period it is possible that the child suffers from diseases such as rubella, chickenpox or measles, which generates a fairly high fever, which It can interfere with the proper production of calcium and cause the appearance of small white spots on the teeth.

In this case, the spots should not be a cause of great concern, since the milk teeth will end up falling to give way to the final teeth. Anyway, it is advisable to remain attentive to the process of leaving the teeth and go to the doctor in case of observing any abnormality or alteration in the oral cavity of the child.


One of the main causes of white spots on the teeth is the so-called fluorosis, an anomaly in the oral cavity originated, as its name indicates, by an excess of fluorine. An excessive consumption of this mineral usually occurs in children who have not yet had teeth, but this condition, although not very common, can also occur in adults.

When there is an excess of fluorine, the tooth cannot absorb it completely, so it produces the formation of deposits of this mineral that give rise to the appearance of those white spots.

Among the most common causes of fluorosis, we have identified those listed below:

  • In some regions of the world, water contains a high amount of fluoride, so if this water is swallowed during the development period, children may present a stained tooth enamel.
  • Use of toothpastes and mouthwashes with fluoride in children. It is important that children brush their teeth with children’s toothpaste specially designed for them.
  • To consume excessively the foods that contain fluorine and to exceed the recommended daily doses of this mineral.

Descaling of the teeth

The decalcification or demineralization of the teeth produced as a result of breastfeeding can also lead to the appearance of white spots. This is especially observed in those cases in which the mother breastfeeds the child for too long a time.

They happen because the mother’s milk has a high concentration of sugars, which produce lactic acid and, therefore, increase the pH of the saliva. And always remain in the oral cavity can cause a porosity in the teeth of the child and contribute to the loss of calcium. For this reason and to avoid caries of the suction type, it is important to control breastfeeding once the first teeth begin to emerge.

Other factors that can lead to decalcification of teeth in adulthood are the following:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Dry mouth.
  • Having acid reflux.
  • Consume many foods and beverages with a high acid content.
  • Bad oral hygiene or brushing too aggressive.

An initial sign of tooth decay

Another answer to the question of why white spots appear on the teeth is the presence of decay. The dentists point out that this type of whitish lesions in the teeth can be a sign of initial caries, so it is advisable to consult the dentist as soon as possible to prevent progress.

When decay occurs, it demineralizes the tooth enamel, which loses the light reflection and shines with a whiter shade. In this case, the lesions are usually observed closer to the gums and have a crescent shape. In addition to going to the dentist, it is important to carry out a good oral hygiene routine and take into account the measures we showed in the article how to prevent cavities to always have a strong and healthy teeth.

White spots on the teeth with orthodontics

On the other hand, although orthodontics does not cause white spots on the teeth, those people who wear braces and do not perform an adequate oral cleaning can also present them.

By not cleaning all the areas well, it is possible that the bacterial plaque accumulates under the bands of the brackets, leading to a slight demineralization in the teeth and, therefore, to the observation of white spots or lines on the teeth. Remove the devices. In this case, the lesions can only be perceived once the brackets have been removed and it will be necessary to treat them at that moment.

How to remove white spots on the teeth

The treatment to follow to remove the white spots on the teeth will be different depending on the cause of them.

In the case that they are caused by decalcification, it is necessary to put in the hands of a dentist as soon as possible to prevent them from darkening, becoming rough and favoring the formation of cavities.

To avoid them, it is very important to carry out good oral hygiene, brushing teeth after each meal and flossing, and follow a diet rich in nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D.

This article is merely informative, we do not have the faculty to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We advise you to visit best dental clinic in Dubai, in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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