Why Using Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers Will Skyrocket Your ROI

For large spaces, nothing beats walk behind floor scrubbers when you want to get the job done quickly and effectively.  Even if a room doesn’t receive much traffic, the eventual buildup on your floors will mean it has to be cleaned. However, sometimes even the most powerful scrubbing can’t break down all that dirt buildup. So what should you do? Well, that’s where a walk behind floor scrubber will make the return on your investment priceless.

What Do Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers Do?

Walk behind floor scrubbers have the power to break down the dirt and grime buildup that’s been layering, in some cases, for many years. And, a floor scrubbing machine will help you deep clean all those layers with little manual effort at all. This will leave your floors looking shiny and new. And needless to say, using a floor scrubbing machine is much cheaper than having to replace that floor because you can’t get it clean. Talk about a huge return on your investment!

Floor Scrubbers

Seven Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

When buying such a valuable piece of equipment, you want to make sure you consider every aspect of how it will be used, which means you need to think about what’s important. For example:

  • How much battery power does it have and how much battery power will you need for your particular situation?
  • How much speed does it have? Does it have enough RPM’s for your needs?
  • How much cleaning solution will it hold? This is important because the operator will have to stop less often to refill the tank, which in turn saves time and effort.
  • How wide is the cleaning path? A wide cleaning path means the operator will be able to get more done in less amount of time.
  • If the machine you are considering is corded, is the extension cord long enough for your needs? And if you use it for more than one space, make sure the cord is long enough for each application.
  • Is the machine lightweight? Pushing around a heavy machine will ultimately end up taking longer to use because most operators will tire out more quickly when using a heavy piece of equipment to do a large job.
  • Does it have easy mobility? The traction drive will help with mobility and agility to clean a wide variety of surfaces much easier than those whose mobility functions are more difficult.

The Bottom Line

Making the decision to invest in a walk behind floor scrubber is one you won’t regret because the return on your investment is one that can be easily measured in time, effort and the fact that it will help preserve your floors. And that means you won’t have to pay to replace your floors as often, which will result in an even larger ROI than you ever thought possible.