Why Trainers Are The Most Versatile Type Of Shoe

If you are not a sneaker head or something then the world of trainers will confuse you, literally! You really cannot tell just how to choose the right pair no matter how god it looks. This is why you need to read on how to have a few pairs of trainers in your closet just to keep your style and fashion sense looking amazing.This guide is not meant to be the Holy Grail but it does nudge you in the right direction when it comes to the type of trainers you need.

One of the most basic styles of men’s trainers on this list that has nothing basic about it is the weekend runners. This pair is often bought but not so much for the running part of it. It is stylish and light. It can be worn to add a little jazz to a casual outfit or it can used to make a more formal outfit casual. The shoes are often made from a knitted material. This make the she so much more fun to wear since they are breathable and provide the perfect comfort level on a day you just want to kick back.

  1. White tennis shoes.

Almost everyone has a pair of these. If you do not have one you need to get yourself one. This shoe is just about to be nominated for shoe of the decade as almost all men have it and due to its versatility. You can wear it with formal, informal and casual formal outfits. There is no end to the options you will have with this kind of shoe.

Show me a dancer or student in any city in the country who does not have a pair of old skool skater trainers on their feet. Those has to be the go to shoe whenever you are in a rush or do not need to worry about color coordination. You can slap on a new pair and wear them to work on Fridays. The beaten up vans are actually a look nowadays. You pair them with a jeans and t-shirt outfit and you are ready for the day.

  1. Statement Sneaker.

This is common for most people to have a bunch of vans lying around but only have one statement shoe. For others there is an entire section of their closet that holds the gems that are their fresh out the box Jordan’s or the new Nike shoe. You can choose the subtle root however if it is your first time buying a statement sneaker. A Gucci tennis shoe would be ideal or a different shade of suede.

  1. Classic high top.

Finally we have the shoe that is the king of weekends. You will notice the shoe will be worn under a pair of jeans with a monochrome tee. The shoes themselves are a statement shoe and do not need a lot of support to prove their point.